Try, Try Again

Last week’s goals:

1. Keep it up: A
Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and yoga every day ✔️

2. Use up freezer contents: B
I used about a fourth of what was in there. The freezer still has a lot of food in it, but at least things no longer tumble out every time we open it anymore. Making any significant amount of room is gonna take some time.

3. Get sleep pattern under control: B
We still stayed up late every evening, and I slept till about 9:30 or 10 every morning, but it was better than it was last week – at least I’m not tossing and turning until 2 or 3 or 4 AM and then sleeping til noon.

4. Stare at my phone less: F
I feel like I actually spent more time mindlessly on my phone this week! But it could just be that I was more aware of when I was doing it, because of this goal. Either way, I wasn’t as mindful as I was hoping to be.

This week’s goals:

1. Keep it up
I’m really proud of myself for being consistent in these things and I want to keep my momentum. They also take up a good chunk of each day, so while I’m sure y’all are tired of reading this same sentence ever week: “Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and yoga every day,” having it represented here is helpful for me so I’m gonna keep doing it.

2. Use up freezer contents
It’d be great if I could use up another quarter or more of what we’ve got in there right now.

3. Stare at my phone less
“If at first you don’t succeed,” and all that.

4. Don’t get sick
Josh’s family has gone through the rounds, each getting sick just as another gets better,  and now Josh is sick too. I really don’t want to deal with a head cold or sore throat right now, so I’m gonna let myself rest, drink some ACV, and pay close attention to what my body is telling me.

3 thoughts on “Try, Try Again

  1. ah I can’t drink ACV and have tried to in my glass of water (while holding my nose). The smell reminds me of smelly sweaty socks. 😦 The fact that you say you will so you don’t get sick really is amazing. You are strong! Hope Josh and the rest of the family gets better fast!

    I’m sorry you couldn’t stop looking at your phone this week. I miss your snapchats but my phone has been broken since Saturday afternoon (getting a new one this weekend).

    As for the freezer stuff. . . do you buy food for the week or for more than that? I am always left with an empty freezer every week because I plan on my meals and buy what I need for the week. Perhaps that can be something to try out?

    You are great with the keep it up stuff!!!! I am so glad for you!!


    • I know what you mean about the ACV!! I’ve tried to drink it several times, and it is just terrible. A couple weeks ago I successfully chugged a whole glass of water with two tablespoons in it for the first time… bleck bleckity blehhh. 😛 I held my nose the whole time! My sister insists taking a shot is better, but I can’t seem to bring myself to that.

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  2. I wish I lived by you. My chiropractor told me I need to be outside and get vitamin D but I never want to because there are people everywhere, and they watch me intently like I fascinate them, and I can’t find a place with both privacy and sunshine. It would be so much easier to have a partner. 😛


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