Currently (or: it’s ok to be earnest and corny and genuinely excited)

Oh man, today was good but it’s been a busy evening. It’s my own fault for procrastinating a blog post until after the Survivor finale and not planning ahead for the possibility that I’d get caught up after it, but it’s ok. This blog post is gonna go up (hopefully) right under the wire. Josh and I spent my “blog writing time” going through all the things that are overwhelming us right now. Sometimes it helps to write out a list, then let the other person talk you through it, point by point, either offering suggestions to make a certain situation better/easier, or offering encouragement to relieve you of the pressure you’re putting on yourself. Definitely worth getting a blog post up late, I think! Now I’m mentally worn out, though, so I’m just gonna do a quick prompt-and-response post and skip the proofreading.

Currently, I’m..

right now I feel exhausted, but in life I’m feeling stronger & more confident than I have in… since I can remember. I started a 30-day yoga camp yesterday, and I’m excited about where that’s going to take me. Today’s yoga practice was the longest I’ve done – 50 minutes – and I’m just super proud of myself, y’all!

Today’s yoga camp mantra was “I create” and here’s what I thought about during practice (I wrote it down immediately after so I wouldn’t forget): I create any new strength & flexibility in my body, and in doing so I create opportunities for healing. I create confidence by pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I believe that I was created for a reason, and I believe that I honor my creator when I create space for myself to thrive. I CREATE! (feeling pretty empowered, can you tell? Haha.)

to give myself permission to be earnest and corny and genuinely excited about things without apologizing. Like, I feel like I should tone down my enthusiasm for my new healthy lifestyle because A) what if I’m annoying y’all and B) what if I fail and in a month or so I’m sick again and I look like an idiot? But HEY – neither of those things change the way I feel right now. And for the record, I believe that in a month I’ll still be going strong. No matter what happens (or who is annoyed by me), I’m not an idiot for taking care of myself.

Looking forward..
to sleeping really well tonight. I had trouble getting to sleep last night because of a bunch of small things that, all together, made it difficult for me to drift off. But tonight! Tonight, I will be comfy and I will fall to sleep so easily. I’m half asleep right now.

Thankful for..
free yoga on youtube, freedom, smoothies, new and old online friends, friends who encourage well, snail mail, daily walks with Lulu, feeling confident, instagram’s new feature for easily switching between profiles, and miraculously perfect avocados. šŸ˜‰

What are you currently feeling, creating, learning, looking forward to and/or thankful for this week?

14 thoughts on “Currently (or: it’s ok to be earnest and corny and genuinely excited)

  1. I’m so happy for you. šŸ™‚ It sounds like you are “learning…”to give yourself permission to *be* yourself. I struggle with those same feelings when it comes to sharing the things I have learned about being healthier. I apparently tend to come away sounding like a know-it-all, at least according to my family. Then I have to balance caring about my family’s health with making sure they don’t misunderstand my tone. I’m very often fighting myself over being myself. :-/

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    • yeah.. that’s a good way to put it. I do feel more like myself when I’m not holding back.. saying it like that feels like a “DUH” statement, but I really hadn’t thought about it that way! thanks for the insight.


  2. Just want to say that I’ve been loving reading about the changes you’ve made in your lifestyle, your excitement makes me happy and motivates me to do better as well!
    Even if you have a slip up now and then, it definitely doesn’t mean that all the hard work you’ve been putting in isn’t valid. Keep it up, sister!

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  3. I’ve been praying for you to feel better, so hearing that you are is super exciting for me, too! Thank you, Lord! I hope you keep feeling stronger and happier! ā¤ļø

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  4. I am so glad you are feeling better! I have been watching Blimey Cow for a while and I met Josh at the home school convention this year. He had said that you weren’t feeling good. To answer your question, I am currently feeling busy. Overworked, but yet still happy. I have been feeling that I need a break from all of my social life and that I need to have a week or even just a day with alone time with God.

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  5. I’m thankful that God keeps his promises and never gives up on me despite my many downfalls. I’m thankful for being able to afford Starbucks whenever I want, that I am healthy physically, that my prayer life is thriving, and that I am able to financially help people. I’m also very thankful for YouTube lol.
    I’m still creating a novel, although I definitely should be more disciplined concerning how often I write or edit.
    I’m currently trying to feel confidence in the Lord. He’s been showing me that although I may fail from time to time, I can count on Him because He never will fall short of what is best, honest, satisfying, good, and true. When condemnation weighs down my heart, I simply need to remember that “he is greater than my heart and knows everything,” just like the Bible says. (1 John 3:19-22)
    And…I suppose I’m learning that my perspective isn’t always what the actual truth is. For instance, the bible verses I mentioned earlier in this post didn’t quite get through to me the first few times I read it. But the more I meditated on it, the more God helped me to understand what was being said. It was so perfect for what I’ve been struggling with for so long now, and I know that there is more blessed learning to come:)

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  6. Definitely write whatever you want on your blog. I think it is great that you are excited about the hard work you’ve been putting into your yoga. I have never done yoga so it is interesting to read about and I see how it has been helping improve your health and energy honestly!

    currently feeling: dirty. I put this hair treatment oil in my hair yesterday that I was given and I love the smell but I put in too much by accident after my shower, so I need another shower because my hair is so oily!

    creating: I just finished cutting up fabric for a scrappy quilt that will look like an 8-bit heart in the middle. I am trying to figure out if I want to send it to my friend who is having a little girl in August or make her a different one in a month, keep it as a throw blanket for when we go to Maine next weekend (and for our home), or sell it.

    learning: about skincare. I had really bad adult acne for a while and have been taking better care of my skin and have only had one zit all month. I am used to at least 3 zits a day.

    looking forward to and/or thankful for this week: Getting my phone replaced since it has been 5 days that I have gone without one. I am thankful that I am not anxious about it and that I have survived really well, but I have seen ways that it could have helped me to have one this week (working on a blog post about it).

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    • thanks for always being so encouraging when I express trepidation. that means a lot to me.

      that 8-bit heart quilt idea sounds cute! can’t wait to see pictures of it. I’m glad you’re figuring out a new skin care routine that works for you. it’s s small thing but it feels good when we can “fix” skin imperfections. looking forward to your blog post about your phone.


  7. It is totally ok to be excited about things! šŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re feeling so empowered…you’re inspiring me to do more yoga (though I think I’ve already mentioned that, ha!)

    feeling, creating, learning, looking forward to and/or thankful for this week?

    feeling: excited for the weekend
    creating: a blog post in my head for the book I’m listening to…(A Little Life)
    learning: how to rock climb
    looking forward to: our upcoming trips to San Diego, and Kauai, HI!
    thankful for: financial stability, fro-yo, warmer sunny days, the ability to hike, and libraries ā¤

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  8. Nice post. I’m very glad for the good days that you have been having. Keep on being earnest, corny, etc! It’s encouraging to me and, I’m sure, to others. “We read to know we are not alone.”

    Feeling: I want to feel like the little girl in the picture. She looks so carefree! But I’ve actually been fighting the blues pretty bad. The blog post on suffering and depression that Josh tweeted about came at a good time for me. Please pass on my thanks.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll be praying for you! I’ve been there. I’m glad that the blogpost Josh shared was helpful to you. Be kind to yourself, girl. you are valuable.


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