3 Smoothies I Can’t Get Enough Of (+ My Basic Smoothie Formula)


I’m (still) smoothie-obsessed, y’all. I drink at least one smoothie every day.. usually two. I shared some photos and a recipe for this anti-stress smoothie a couple of weeks ago, and I still make that one pretty regularly, but I use cherries instead of peaches because I ran out of peaches haha.

Here’s my current smoothie base formula:
12-20 oz coconut and/or almond milk and/or cherry juice
about a cup of frozen fruit
1/2 – 1 frozen banana for sweetness & creaminess
cinnamon, cacao, vanilla extract, or matcha for flavor
a handful of greens (if I haven’t had any vegetables all day – otherwise nah)

Then I’ll add in whichever of these health boosters I want that day (sometimes I add all of them, haha… but that usually tastes kinda funky):
-chia seeds
-collagen powder
-mushroom powder
-diatomaceous earth
-protein powder

Sometimes I’ll top the smoothie with cacao nibs, goji berries, fresh fruit, or bee pollen.. for something to chew on at the end of the smoothie.

Anyway, here are the three kinds of smoothies that I rotate between these days:

1. Fruit + chocolate
Chocolate-blueberry and chocolate-cherry are my favorites right now. To make these, just take the formula I laid out above, and use about 2 tbsp of cocoa or cacao powder.

2. Turmeric Smoothies
I’m always looking for ways to add more turmeric to my food because it’s been proven to be incredibly anti-inflammatory. I add a generous shake to almost every smoothie I make, but here are a couple of flavor-balanced smoothies I love that are way more turmeric-heavy: this one tastes like a milkshake, and this one is more tropical.

3. Fruit-only smoothies
These are really easy – just two ingredients are needed: I ignore my usual formula and just blend a frozen fruit and fruit juice. I’ve tried straight-up pineapple, straight-up cherry, and pineapple-grapefruit, and they’re all yummy. They taste more sorbet-like than the others I’ve shared. But you could do this with any fruit & fruit juice. Just be sure you’re ok with the ingredients in your fruit juice – there’s no need for added sugar!

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe (or formula?)

6 thoughts on “3 Smoothies I Can’t Get Enough Of (+ My Basic Smoothie Formula)

  1. My favorite everyday smoothie is a handful of spinach, 1/2c yogurt, 1/2c frozen fruit, 1/2c water, 3 ice cubes, and a frozen banana 🙂 I’ll definitely be trying some of these ideas, thanks!


  2. My favorite smoothie recipe is frozen blueberries and strawberries with water and stevia for sweetening. Actually it is funny that I like smoothies at all because ever since I was little I have hated all fruit. It wasn’t too long ago that I started liking smoothies. The only fruit I won’t use so far is bananas. After being forced to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich I hate bananas.


  3. My favorite smoothie recipe is throwing all the fruit in the house I can find into the blender with apple sauce, orange juice (to make it blend) and a little bit of vanilla yogurt to sweeten and make it creamy. 🙂


  4. I like to make smoothies with Greek yogurt. It’s delicious! I also like to add raspberries and other things.


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