Friday Favorites: Truth Bombs, Instant Translations, and Mountain Men

I woke up yesterday with a dumb head cold that I caught from Josh (who caught it from Jordan, so I blame him). It’s worse today.. my head feels like it needs to explode. POOR ME.

Now that my pity party’s out of the way, here are the best things I came across on the internet this week:

•  If you only check out one thing I share today, I hope you’ll make it this: On Suffering and Depression [and the lies we believe when we’re in the midst of a battle] from Audrey Jackson. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety on and off for the past several years, so this really hit home. I’m grateful for Audrey’s bravery & vulnerability. “Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. You are not anxious or depressed or sick or experiencing pain as a result of God’s disapproval. In fact, He’s actually pretty enthralled by you. And regardless of any choice you make—this will never change.”

•  From Momastery, this “Pe-TISH-ion” from an awesome ten-year-old girl who recently saw the truth about society’s messed-up beauty standards and decided to take action. I cried reading this, because I remember standing in front of a magazine rack as a young girl and absorbing the lie that my body wasn’t “right.” I stand with Tish! Good for her, realizing these truths at such a young age (and good for her mom, steering Tish in such a delicate and empowering way).

•  This Facebook video from Waverly Labs is so cool – the French woman’s reaction is awesome. I imagine that this device would be helpful when learning a new language,too!

•  How to Reduce Inflammation in 5 Steps from Nutrition Stripped. In my fight against Crohn’s disease, I’m always looking for ways to reduce inflammation. But if you don’t have an autoimmune disease, this can still be helpful for you. Everyone deals with inflammation to one degree or another!

•  “How To Be a Mountain Man” from Adler Davidson. This made me laugh a lot on a day that I was kinda bummed, so I wanted to include it in this week’s Friday favs even before Adler announced that he’s retiring the Adler Show today 😦 I am sad it’s ending for myself, but I’m happy for Adler that he’s pursuing the things that really make him happy.

•  The podcast Reply All’s recent story: On the Inside, Part I and Part II. This story is SO compelling.. I can’t wait to hear next week’s installment! If you liked Serial season one, you’ll like this story.

Happy weekend, friends!

What’s the best thing you came across this week?

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Truth Bombs, Instant Translations, and Mountain Men

  1. It was really gripping to read Audrey’s post last week…she was my chaplain in college and i guess I’ve always looked up to her, thinking she could never struggle with those things. Reading about depression from her perspective was so important for me, to see her vulnerability and remember that even my role models struggle with things like mental illness and that we don’t have to treat it with such shame.

    Also, I’ve really enjoyed the serial-ish podcasts these last two weeks! Can’t wait for the 3rd one!


  2. I’m going to read the one on depression. I had it big time as a pre-teen and it isn’t as strong anymore and I fight it a lot of times. It comforts me often to know that Jesus suffered pain and gets me when I am in those moments of sadness.

    I used to cry a lot about my body when I was young too since I was the far too skinny flat chested girl with not butt that guys overlooked and girls mocked. This woman’s post you shared was really sweet. Our bodies definitely are not for selling things!

    That translator is awesome.

    I never saw the Adler show. Sorry it is ending. I laughed about the video since my husband has a big beard and people assume he is a mountain man (though he’d love to live in the mountains). I just sent him the link to see how he’ll react. The part about the Charleston. haha.

    I honestly didn’t really look around much this week. I think yours is the only blog I’ve kept up with too. Been busy with other things. I used to do “Thursday’s Thoughts and Links” posts and haven’t done it in so very long. . .and really should sometime.


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