This week I took advantage of Instagram’s new easy-profile-switch feature and started a second instagram account. I wanted to have a place to share my progress and thoughts on healthy living, without annoying any followers on my regular account who many not be interested in that stuff.

I didn’t want to share it right away – I spent a few days to figure out what I wanted to get out of the account, and if I even wanted to keep up with it – but now I’m ready to share! A couple of y’all have already found me over there, haha.

Here was my first post, with an explanation of why I started:

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Hello! I want to use this account to keep track of my fitness progress and also share healthy foods from time to time. I'm separating it from my main account so I don't annoy the followers who are there for other things. If you follow me on @keenertaylor but aren't interested in this, no hard feelings! We can still be friends over there 😉 but if you are interested in health stuff, WELCOME! Let's invest in our future selves and be inspired TOGETHER toward healthful living! . So here's my starting point: a month ago, I was coming out of a month of being bedridden because of #crohnsdisease. When I finally had enough energy to start being proactive, I did my first gentle yoga home practice – that was 26 days ago. I skipped the next day, but have practiced yoga every day since (24 days) and I can already see a significant change in my overall energy & strength. I'm still just a baby yogi but I'm excited about my newfound strength & confidence! . today I started @adrienelouise's at-home 30 Day Yoga Camp on YouTube. Today's mantra for #yogacamp is "I Accept." I accept where I am today and I accept the challenge to continue growing! . I promise all my captions won't be quite this long, btw. I'm just writing out my reasons for starting this so y'all understand, and so I can come back & read it if I need reminding why I started all this. . (This look on my face is called the Proud-of-Myself-But-Worn-Out-After-That-Yoga-Session grimace)(also, guess what my favorite color is.)

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What you can expect if you follow:

  • 1-3 posts per day
  • not the prettiest pictures (just simple snapshots to keep record)
  • photos of our bi-weekly CSA boxes (and other healthy foods)
  • photos of me in sweatbands
  • photos of my yoga poses (not many, though, because I’m embarrassed haha)
  • #yogacamp daily progress reports
  • long, reflective captions
  • recipes
  • smoothie combinations
  • etc

I’m keeping @keenertaylor for my everyday, and/or pretty, and/or blimey cow-related and/or Lulu pictures. I don’t think much will change over there. And if you’re not interested at all in following @currentlyveggies, that’s totally ok – that’s why I made a new account, precisely so that those who are interested can join and those who aren’t won’t be bothered.

For those who ARE interested, come join me! I welcome your future comments, questions, and ideas.

Hope you all had a great weekend! See you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “@CurrentlyVeggies

  1. Sounds great! I’m actually thinking of doing the same thing… I started a weight-loss program today and I’d like to do the same accountability/ keeping track kinda thing, so it’s nice to know it’s easy to set up another account! I’m so glad the yoga is working well for you! Keep it up!

    Good luck and God bless!


  2. They have an easy switch now?? I had no clue! I run Justice Network’s IG and always hate having to switch from my account to that so often. Now I’ll be able to. Going to add your new account to my feed so I can cheer you on and feel encouraged to get in shape.


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