Going For The Big Loop

Last week’s goals:

1. Keep it up: A-
“Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day.” I aced all of these things except for keeping the house tidy. Our kitchen has been a disaster area for several days now. OH WELL.

2. Use up freezer contents: B
Eh. I continued to reach into the freezer more than usual, but there are still several items that’ve been sitting there for a long time. I’ll keep chipping away at this in my own time, but now that the freezer isn’t full to bursting anymore, I see no need to keep making it a weekly goal.

3. Stare at my phone less: B-
I did spend less time on my phone, but still found myself mindlessly scrolling once or twice. It’s an improvement, but I still need to keep on eye on my phone use.

4. Don’t catch Josh’s cold: F
Head colds are a bummer :/

This week’s goals:

1. Keep it up
Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day

2. Get my ring cleaned!
My engagement ring’s warranty is contingent on having it cleaned & inspected by the jewelry store every six months, in May and November. We both completely forgot about it until last night.. this is the closest we’ve come to straight-up forgetting. BRB gotta set a reminder in my phone for November.

3. Go through iPhone photos
Since February (when I got a phone with more storage) I’ve been really lazy about not deleting unwanted pictures, so now I have just over 2,000 photos on my phone.. the vast majority of which are trash or multiples. It’s starting to annoy me, so it’s time to declutter that photo album.

4. Work my way up to “the big loop” on my walks with Lulu
When I first started taking Lulu for daily walks last month, I was so nervous about it, that I could only go two or three houses up the street before turning back. The nerves were a combination of my usual Crohn’s-anxieties (especially having just come out of a bad flare-up), and not being confident in my ability to control Lulu after her aggression issues. Since then, I’ve worked on obedience with her almost every day, and now she’s very responsive to my commands. Yay! I’ve lengthened our daily walks from just the driveway & 2-3 houses, to walking to the end of our street and back, and now we go for a small .7 mile loop. I’d like to work up to walking the bigger loop (about a mile in length) that Jost takes her on their morning walks. Lulu will be happy about that!


2 thoughts on “Going For The Big Loop

  1. That’s great on the progress “report” this week!! Very sad that you got sick, but that isn’t something you can necessarily control.

    It sounds like you have a lovely neighborhood to walk around! That’s really a blessing. I live on a congested street that is missing most of the sidewalk and has too much highway traffic coming onto it (since I live right off the highway)….so I drive 15 minutes away to walk on some days in my brothers’ neighborhood. >.<

    Yey for Lulu responding well to your commands!!! SO great!!!

    Wow you remembered to clean your ring that often!! I stopped wearing my engagement ring a few years back, but I never had it cleaned and it was my mom's too and I don't remember her getting it cleaned either. . woops. I am not a jewelry type of person in general.

    I am learning from my phone photo mistakes from my last phone mishap. That is great that you are clearing them all now. That is not easy to go through that many photos either!


  2. Awesome! I get you there about not keeping the house clean. I have two sisters and my youngest sister keeps making random messes throughout the house lol. I hope that you reach your goals this week. I need to start grading myself on my daily goals. Lol 🙂


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