An Off Week

I am having an off day. An off week, really.

On Monday night, less than an hour after I had bragged on this blog about Lulu’s progress, she became suddenly aggressive toward me again. This time it was bad. It’s been a heartbreaking couple of days as we try to figure out what to do with her. We don’t really know what the right answer is. It’s a complicated situation.

Yesterday was my mom’s 56th birthday, and it completely slipped my mind until late last night when I saw that my dad had posted about it on Facebook. I felt guilty that I hadn’t called her, and my dad’s observation that “she doesn’t know how old she is” kinda shattered my heart. I called her today, and she sounds tired. She sounds confused. I wish my parents didn’t travel so much.

Today, I woke up feeling achey all over, experiencing some Crohn’s-related pain, and feeling sad. It’s amazing (and annoying) how responsive my body is to stress. Hopefully after laying low & taking it easy today, I’ll feel better tomorrow. I have plans to hang out with a friend for the first time in a couple months, and I don’t want to miss out on that.

So that’s what’s up.

17 thoughts on “An Off Week

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Lulu, Kelli! My family got our first dog last summer. I didn’t know it was possible to become so attached to an animal. I loved him so much. He started becoming aggressive though towards other people’s kids, so we had to give him away, just last week. Thankfully, we found two adult brothers that wanted to take him, and it’s a perfect home for him. I’m thankful we didn’t have to put him down, but still hard! Prayers for you!


  2. Hi Kelli. I am sorry you’re having a rough week. I am praying for you and I’m right there with you. I just came home from a mission trip and got sick. I wanted to get all kinds of spring cleaning done this week and instead I’ve been sleeping and watching tv. I also understand about your mom. My mom is in hospice and has severe confusion due to some strokes she’s had. It is heartbreaking to hear when they forget more. Thank you so much for being open about your rough week. Remember that God is there with you in the rough weeks. Lean on Him.

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  3. Was your mom upset that you didn’t remember her birthday? Don’t beat yourself up about it. You have a deep love for her regardless and she knows that. You think about her so much as it is that keeping her actual birthday in the forefront would be hard.

    As for Lulu, I am sorry to hear she was aggressive with you again. Was she abused by her original owners? Dogs sometimes will rehash that even if they are doing better, and I know that doesn’t make it easier, but the fact that she improved so much as it is, really is great. I am sure she is still adjusting, just not as fast as you hoped?

    I truly pray that God gives you comfort and strength to endure the pain of Crohns. You know, scratch that, I pray He takes it completely away so you don’t have to endure it at all.

    I am sorry to hear your day was off. May the rest of your days after this only get better!!!


    • Oh, my mom wasn’t upset. I don’t think she even realized I’d missed her birthday. Even if she had been aware, she wouldn’t have made me feel bad about it. I just felt guilty for forgetting. But you’re right!

      We don’t know Lulu’s history. She may have suffered abuse from her first owners, but we will never know for sure because she was found after getting loose from them & her rescuers never located the original owners. If I could know for sure that she would never *really* hurt me, then things would be okay. She doesn’t have to be my best friend or anything – We just want to figure out how to create the best situation for her to thrive & for us to be safe!

      Thanks for praying for me. I did feel a lot better today. ❤

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  4. Sorry to hear about this, I will pray for you. I know what it can be like to have a family member with Chrons, it’s really rough. Praying for ya!

    Here, have a free smile “:)”

    Here’s a few for a rainy day “:) 🙂 :)”

    God bless,
    In Christ,
    Christopher Green

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  5. I am so sorry Kelli. You will definitely be in my prayers. I feel for you about your reaction to stress. I had Hives for three years that ended when I was 15 and I would have lots of reaction to stress. I am 17 now and so Thankful that it is over. So I definitely will be praying for you and your mom. If it is God’s will He will heal you and your mother I am sure of it. Listen to Josh Groban’s song “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” That song is both encouraging and relaxing to me when I get stressed.

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  6. Hi Kelli, I’m a long-time Messy Mondays viewer who just found your blog! I also have a chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome/systemic exertion intolerance disorder, which I blog about at I’m a concert pianist, teaching and performing part-time when I can, working on recovering as much as possible through diet and lifestyle and functional medicine, but also learning to enjoy the process and appreciate what God has for me right NOW. Your passion and enthusiasm and approach to living well with chronic illness is absolutely inspiring, and I’m hooked on your blog. Thanks for being an amazing role model! 😀 P.S. My long-distance boyfriend visits every Monday and we watch Messy Mondays together. If it’s a bad flare day for me, it can turn into one long Blimey Cow binge session 😛


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