3 Ways My Off-Week Is Turning Around 

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, the details of this post won’t mean as much to you. Read it here if you’d like. The gist was that this week has been rough. However, here are three things that happened today that are turning my “off week” around:

1. A possible happy solution to The Lulu Problem
We found a local woman who is experienced with rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues like Lulu, and she’s willing to help us out. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was to get that email today! We were prepared to have to give Lulu away after this last incident, but the problem is that rescue organizations can’t take dogs who have bitten a person.. it was looking like we might have to put her down. But we don’t want to do that! I’ve cried so many tears the last two days thinking about that. Yeah, Lulu hurt me, but that doesn’t mean I want her to die because of it.. we’re crossing our fingers and praying that this woman and her organization can really help us rehab Lulu and teach us how best to deal with her.

For the record, I still have every confidence in (and wholeheartedly recommend) our dog-trainer friend for obedience training and behavior modification.. the change she helped us bring about in Lulu in the last month or so is astounding! We are so thankful for her help and her expertise. She suggested we find an organization that specializes in Lulu’s breed (originally with the hope that we could find someone to take her), so that’s the path we’re pursuing now.

2. Friends 
I spent lunch with a dear friend and her adorable toddler this afternoon. Reconnecting with my friend and playing with her adorably goofy daughter really cheered me up. It’s good for the soul! Then this evening, Josh and I got to help deliver a surprise for a friend’s birthday. Lots of laughter, lots of love – we needed that.

3. Feeling better 
Yesterday I was experiencing some Crohn’s-related aches & pains, but today they weren’t so bad. And I’m grateful. I had enough energy to see friends, run a few errands, and exercise (I didn’t take Lulu for a walk, though, because I wasn’t feeling up for it). My yoga practice this afternoon was challenging, but really relaxing and restorative.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who reached out to encourage and/or empathize with me after yesterday’s post. I feel so supported by y’all. Thank you for caring about me! I feel so warm and fuzzy about you guys ❤

4 thoughts on “3 Ways My Off-Week Is Turning Around 

  1. SO glad you’re feeling better, and that you have some good things to focus on! Friends are just the best, aren’t they? Praying for you guys and Lulu!


  2. I’m two timezones away, so I don’t know how much this’ll mean from me personally, but I know everyone else will agree that we’re here for you.


  3. That is great that you found this organization to help Lulu further! I hope that she’ll have more success and that she will never show aggression again. I have scars from a dog bite (my first dog, but she was half wolf and the breeder got in trouble for doing that) but I am still to this day devastated to know that my dog was put down when I was told she had a new home (though my parents did try a LOT to find Husky owners and trainers who were willing to work with her). I have always been a dog lover and never stopped caring for my dog after she attacked me and get sad when people put dogs down, so I am so glad that you continue to not want to have to do that.

    That is so great you got to spend time with friends and their families and such. It is always so nice to have time with caring people and get out of the house a little. 🙂

    I am glad your aches weren’t too bad when you made this post.


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