Friday Favorites: Pep Talks, Nostalgia, and MORE Smoothie Recipes

I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by! Here are the best things I’ve come across since last Friday:

• Kirby Every Day’s Pep-Talk Tuesday post, “Good Decisions All Around,” was perfectly timed for me. Tuesday was a rough day. Josh and I were in the middle of trying to figure out what we should do with our dog Lulu (after she showed some intense aggression toward me the night before). Kirby and I had texted that morning, so she knew we were going through this, and I suspect this pep-talk was at least a little for my benefit.. Even if that isn’t what she intended, I appreciated the timing and the sentiment.

• Similarly, “How to Deal When Things Aren’t Going Your Way” from Blackberry Morning was a well-timed reminder for me after a rough week.

• I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but this list would be incomplete without the Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer that came out this week. Hermione Emma Watson as Belle! Matthew Crawley’s Dan Stevens’ Beast voice! That rose! The music! It’s a gorgeous tease; I can’t wait to see the film.

• There’s also this clever side-by-side comparison of the trailer and the 1991 animated movie, from BMoneyRulz on YouTube. So. Much. Nostalgia.

• This “Smoothie Recipes for EVERYTHING” infographic from (via pinterest) is so great. I want to try all of them.

What’s the best thing YOU came across this week?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Pep Talks, Nostalgia, and MORE Smoothie Recipes

  1. I got a really nice comment on a song I performed that I thought was sub-par. It was really encouraging.

    Wishing the best for you,


  2. I’ve been going to Beauty and the Beast’s IMDB page a lot in the past couple of months waiting for a trailer, and of course it would come out while I am on vacation and barely touched my phone and had no computer on me. I am a Ewan McGregor fan and my husband and I were re-listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack last week because I am so thrilled that he is going to be in this movie!!

    Neat smoothie infograph! Still have to buy a blender. . . .


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