Getting Stronger

Last week’s goals:

1. Keep it up: A
“Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day.”

2. Get my ring cleaned: A
Technically, Josh took care of this for me, so props to him!

3. Go through iPhone photos/make more room on phone: D
I started – I made a lot of progress, even – but I haven’t gone through my videos yet (there are sooo many because of my 1secondeveryday project). This is gonna be an ongoing project.

4. Work up to “the big loop” on my walks with Lulu: A-
I walked the mile loop the day after making this goal, because I thought maybe that was going to be my last day with our dog Lulu, after she’d bitten me the night before. Since then, we’ve been through such a roller-coaster. I went back to the .7 mile loop the rest of the week, just because I’ve been tired.

This week’s goals:

1. Keep it up
Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day.

2. Finish going through iPhone photos & videos. 
I downsized from 2200 items to 1700 last week, but that’s still way too much.

3. Weight training with Josh
I’ve already started doing really simple body weight exercises with Josh (he’s been helping me with assisted pull-ups for a few weeks) but I haven’t kept any real schedule or routine. I’d like to keep working on my arm strength, but in a more intentional way than I have been so far. I’ll shoot for at least four sessions this week.

3 thoughts on “Getting Stronger

  1. Good job to Josh in helping you with your weight training and all! You did a great job in general this week, Kelli!! I think you graded yourself too low for your photo deleting. You went through a lot, in my opinion, even if you didn’t get through a load more, you did it and got lots done! I think you deserve a C at least!


  2. Sounds like a plan! Hope that you can keep it up. I know for sure that keeping a schedule can help your life a lot. Since I started my schedule it has helped me keep a lot of things on track. Good luck with lulu. Still praying for you!


  3. I’m sure I’m misunderstanding the thing about Lulu because I doubt you’d consider giving her up after one bite. That really sounds like more of a comfort issue rather than safety. I know very few pet owners who’ve never been bitten at all…


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