Currently (or: revolutions, both personal and historical)

Currently, I’m..

to be kinder to myself. I’ve been in a funk the last few days and I’ve noticed a lot of negative self-talk going on in my head. So today I’ve been more intentional about giving myself grace (and those around me, too.. but I feel like some days it’s harder to be kind to yourself than it is to other people.. at least for me). So I choose self-love! And I choose kindness.

Josh and I just started watching Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne on Amazon streaming. . It’s the latest project from the creator of Downton Abbey. We’re only halfway through the four episodes, but it’s a really interesting story, and I like the actors in it!

every bit of progress I notice as my body heals and gets stronger: I can fold further forward. I can hold myself up on the pull-up bar for significantly longer (and I can feel my biceps getting larger). The corners of my lips aren’t continuously cracked anymore. My daily walks with Lulu are getting easier. etc. It’s a personal revolution.. I’m reclaiming my health!

Blimey Cow celebrated our 250th Messy Mondays video this week… WOW! We got so many awesome & encouraging messages from viewers congratulating us on this milestone. It was overwhelming! (in the best way) We are forever grateful for the support that makes it possible for us to make silly videos together. For a living! What a dream.

I just finished reading through Hamilton: The Revolution by Jeremy McCarter and Lin-Manuel Miranda, about the creation of the Broadway musical Hamilton. I’ve been obsessed with the original cast recording for months, but this book deepened my appreciation even more. All the lyrics are written out and annotated. There are interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and photos of the production. I listened through the album as I read through the book, and it was an awesome experience! I’m sad that there isn’t more!

Thankful for..
Lin-Manuel Miranda, supportive viewers/readers, all the kind messages that Blimey Cow got after Monday’s video, hard boiled eggs, afternoon walks with Lulu, the progress I’ve made with my health, healthy lemonade, and friends.

What are you choosing, watching, celebrating, reading, and/or thankful for this week? 

5 thoughts on “Currently (or: revolutions, both personal and historical)

  1. Like I said, I’ll be here for you.
    You guys are awesome, and I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and getting to know you guys better.

    Also, do you like the Hobbit?


  2. I am thankful for my bible study that I have started with a group of friends. Currently I am working on making more posts for my blog. Crocheting, and School are my top priorities right now.


  3. God is helping me see how much I doubt sometimes, which I’m super thankful for. So I’m choosing to believe that He will answer my prayers and do all that He promises to do. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that Blimey Cow is still around to brighten up our Mondays. Oh, and I am currently in the process of reading ROGUE KNIGHT by Brandon Mull (book 2 in the Five Kingdoms series).

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  4. I’m thankful for beautiful sunrises and a family who love and forgive me daily. 🙂 I’m working on Vacation Bible School decorations. I’m watching the ninth season of Doctor Who on DVD. I’m choosing to find joy everyday. I’m celebrating the beginning of summer. I’m reading Little House on the Prairie.


  5. I saw sooooo many posts about the Hamilton book but didn’t know at all that it was about the play. I have never seen the play nor listened to the soundtrack before, but I know of those who acted in it. Was it a big hit when it came out (the musical, not the book about it)?

    Yey for Blimey Cow. I am a few weeks behind in watching the videos. My family all watches it together on Sunday nights but we haven’t really been home Sunday nights lately. This week we should be all caught up. We subscribe through my husband’s account or I’d probably comment on them (like I do for Josh’s movie reviews since I watch that on my own when I remember to go to Youtube once to every other week). 250 is a lot of episodes! You all worked really hard on them, so great job!

    Oh I have totally been there about being down on myself but having no issue helping others. It is sad when that happens. I saw a cousin of mine for the first time in eight years yesterday (she lives in Missouri) and all she did was put her body down and I kept enforcing better ways to encourage her through that and told her to be careful that she doesn’t say anything about herself like that because her daughters will start to pick up on it and do the same. When I have been down on myself, I never say it in front of my sons, just my husband. Usually it is about my acne (which thankfully I am clear today). Otherwise it is about my cellulite in my thighs, but they’ve been clearing up too lately and I feel really good about my body lately even if I am a little heavier than I am used to. 🙂 It is great to say all the things you LIKE about yourself and your body regularly. I LOVE my hair, my eyes, my chin, my hips, my height, etc….while I can really only find a small amount of things I don’t like about my body, and they really aren’t that much of a big deal as I perhaps make them out to be. Perhaps you can make a list of all the great things about your body despite the pains and such.

    -I am choosing to be confident in who I am.
    -I am watching this Korean drama called Answer Me 1988 (each episode is about an hour and a half long so I’ve been in this for a few months and finally have just 5 episodes left out of the 20).
    -I am celebrating my sister-in-law who is having an art show tonight.
    -I am reading. . .well I should be reading this Fountain Creek Chronicles book 2 I’ve been in.
    -I am thankful for warmer weather to be out in.


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