3 Things I Wish I Were Better At

1. Talking to people I don’t know very well.
I get very nervous and self-conscious when speaking to people that I don’t already know. I know this is a pretty common thing, but I wish I were one of those outgoing and gifted extroverts who (seemingly) easily makes their way through any conversation without awkwardness.

2. Ignoring rude and/or condescending feedback from strangers on the Internet.
Especially when it is unsolicited. I guess I’m good at outwardly ignoring it (my policy is “don’t feed the trolls”), but I wish I was better at not giving those incidents any brain-space at all and moving on without letting it bother me. (Related: I also wish I were better at standing up for myself, but I never know when it is worth it or not! Plus, I hate confrontation.)

3. Artsy Things
I have an interest in crafty and artistic things, but I’m not often good enough to write home about or anything. I feel like that interest gets me far enough to start creative hobbies, but it doesn’t often get me past the hump of realizing, “Oh, this isn’t coming naturally to me. Making this look really good is gonna take a lot of work.” So I usually give up after a while.

BONUS THING: Not waiting til 9PM  to write these mini-lists on Thursdays.
I feel like I do this every week, guys! I wait ’til the last minute and inevitably can’t think of of a topic I like. Then when I DO come up with topics, I can’t come up with 3 things. Then when I CAN come up with a list, I can’t think of things to write about each item. You understand. I think I feel pressure to work quickly because I’ve waited til so late – it’s my own fault. I’m going to make an effort not to wait til so late to blog each night – or maybe I can get a day or two ahead, so it doesn’t matter  so much when I start writing.

All three four of these are things that I could get better at if I practiced or was more intentional about. Here’s to perpetual, intentional self-improvement.

What’s something you wish you were better at?

6 thoughts on “3 Things I Wish I Were Better At

  1. 1. Athletics: Sports. Volleyball. Ping pong. Soccer. Running. Swimming. Walking. Anything that involves coordination whatsoever.
    2. Keeping things picked up as I go. I’ve tried. I just can’t do it. I guess I’m in for a life of once-a-week cleaning days.
    3. Speaking Spanish.
    All of these are things I’m currently working on, and even if I’m never really good at all of them, I’ve finally gotten over my fears of failing at them. That’s what kept me from even attempting for so long!


  2. I wish I was better at being consistent with things. Prayer, Bible Study, Crochet projects, and scheduling are all things I have struggled with and am still struggling with. I understand you wanting to become more extroverted. I am an extrovert and I have a introvert friend. She has told me about the worrying and thinking that is involved when it comes to talking to people and even close friends. Artsy things are hard to work towards. I have really had to work with myself to be patient with crafting and now I am so happy I did. I hope my comment was helpful. I am looking forward to your next post!


  3. I totally empathize with your #1. I’ve gotten a bit better since working partially as a receptionist (part of my job is answering the door and the phone), but it’s still tough. Working as an equine journalist also helped me tremendously, since I had to do a lot of cold-calling and interviewing sources by phone. I do spend a lot of time in advance fretting over those calls though. I think a lot of it is getting out of your own head in social situations and just going for it, which is hard for introverts.

    3 things I wish I was better at: 1) not procrastinating, 2) exercising consistently, 3) making new friends more easily.


  4. I wish I was more outgoing too. It can be so hard sometimes to try and start a new friendship. I often feel like I’m not doing something right because I’m not always comfortable doing church related, fellowship type things. Going out of my social comfort zone is something I definitely wish I was better at.


  5. I am sure there is something in your creative juices that will come out in some form or another.

    I can see how that introvertedness could be tough in some ways (the anxiety part). I often wish I were more like an introvert because everyone loves my husband who is one. He says they wouldn’t like him if he expressed himself to them as he does to me though, but I just don’t see that. Everyone likes him. Everyone. As an extrovert I actually find that I become very awkward because I am so easy to socialize that in time I scare people off. I have been told too many times that I am “intense” by others. I can see why I have only been able to keep only a couple friends (and sadly they all live so far away other than my husband). People love me for the first few times of hanging out and then they find me too eccentric. It has been a lifelong battle. This year I have learned to just be thankful for who I have in my life in general instead of being sad about those who have gone away.

    What’s something you wish you were better at? hmm…eating good foods regularly. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve done and I am still a huge work in progress. I wish I could LIKE salads…that would make it easier. I also always have wished I was better at praying.


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