Last week’s goals:

1. Keep it up: B
Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day. Considering that it’s been rainy, and I’ve been ill for a few days, I did OK but I could’ve done better.

2. Finish going through iPhone photos and videos: B+
Josh found an app called Cleanz that makes going through & deleting your photos easier & more intuitive. It works similar to the way I understand Tinder works – swipe up to keep, swipe down to delete. I used the app to go from ~1200 photos to ~450. AWESOME. I still haven’t gone through 477 videos I have on there.. what a daunting task.

3. Weight Training with Josh: B+
I worked with Josh once during the past week, but he had a lot going on this week and so that was the only time we worked together. I did do some really quick arm-strengthing routines on my own. It wasn’t what I had planned on, but I think that it was empowering for me. I’ve always needed Josh’s help to do chin-ups (I still do) but when he couldn’t help me do that, I took responsibility for my goal and I figured out an alternative. This week, I’ll try to do more pull-up practice with him, though!

This week’s goals:

1. Keep it up (but don’t stress about it)
Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day.

2. Rest
I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday, but I’m very lethargic and achey. This is a sure sign that I’ve still got some inflammation going on throughout my body. So this week, I’m going to listen to my body’s cues and take it easy for as long as I sense I need to.

3. Create something
Recently, I was talking with a friend about how the process of creating something is sometimes more important than the end result. I think I’ve been caught up in the way art projects turn out instead of focusing on how the creative process makes me feel. So this week I’d like to take some time to just physically make something, with no pressure to use it or share it after I’ve gone through that process. Just for me.

3 thoughts on “B’s

  1. Great goals! I need to make some goals myself. One of the biggest things I need to do is lose some weight. My eating style has gone up and down. It has gone from eating really healthy to not eating healthy at all. I need to get back on the “healthy train” again. By the way I still have been praying for you and I will continue to pray for you. Looking forward to your next post!


  2. That is great that you are going to enjoy the process of creating rather than focusing on the result!!! I think that is why I enjoy quilting so much. I told my husband that I don’t know what I enjoy more, cutting up pieces of fabric, piecing them together, or seeing the final result in general. . . if I just wanted it done and that was it, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

    I am glad that you did pretty well for your goals this past week!! Much better than last week and I am glad Josh found that app for you to delete old photos with!


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