Friday Favs: Grief, Blimey Cow, More Hamilton, Stanford, and When The Bible is Bad for You

Today was, as predicted, very difficult. I’ll tell y’all about it sometime soon, but right now I just need to process everything offline before I can write about it. I don’t mean to be an annoyingly vague drama queen.. I just know that some of you are wondering what’s going on after my post yesterday. I’ll let y’all know when I’m ready. But don’t worry too much.. I’m okay. 🙂

Thankfully, I managed to save links throughout the week so I don’t have to try to remember and search for the best things I came across this week. Here they are.

• The son of the family friend who passed away last weekend wrote this piece about grief: Grief is Hard. I appreciated Ryan’s honesty and the fact that he didn’t feel like he had to end on a positive note. I don’t know. That kind of authenticity is rare.

• Josh wrote a history of Blimey Cow for our new website (finally!). It was very cool to read and reminisce.

Here come the Hamilton links! In future, I will try to restrain myself from sharing Hamilton stuff every week, but these 3 things were too good to pare down any further (yes, there were more… like I said, I obsess over love it).

• You have probably already seen Broadway Carpool Karaoke floating around social media.. but I can’t not include it in this week’s roundup. Of course, I love the Hamilton songs (James Corden how did you learn to rap that fast?? and the “Lin-Manuel Miranda” moment was too cute), but everyone singing “One Day More” from Les Miserables at the end was so joyful and perfect, I couldn’t help but get choked up. Les Miz does that to me.

•  An artist named Arielle Jovellanos was given the opportunity to meet the cast of Hamilton and she did such a cool thing – she enlisted 45 illustrators to create a pamphlet of artwork based on the tracks of the musical so she could give the entire cast a gift when she met them. What a generous gesture! Here are only a few of my favorite illustrations:

• This blog post from Accidental Devotional: We Are Hamiltons. One of my favorite things about Hamilton is how enthusiastic the people involved are. They’re not tired of it! Abby Norman made the connection between this enthusiasm and the way God relates to us: “I believe in a God who is as delighted by his creation as Lin-Manuel Miranda is delighted by Hamilton.” So good!

/end Hamilton.

• Something I’ve felt for a long time but never really knew how to say: When The Bible is Bad for You

• I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but it wouldn’t feel right not to include The Powerful Letter the Stanford Victim Read to Her Attacker in this week’s roundup. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to read the whole thing if you can. It isn’t easy to read, but I’m so impressed with her articulate, brutally honest breakdown of the whole situation. She doesn’t have to be articulate or good for her experience & her words to be valid! But her bravery, compassion, and articulation in this letter benefits us all, I think.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favs: Grief, Blimey Cow, More Hamilton, Stanford, and When The Bible is Bad for You

  1. Yay!! I am so happy you guys got your Blimey Cow website up. I have been waiting forever! I also have been waiting for pinterest posts from you guys, but I am sure you will get to that later.


  2. Even though I am new to hearing about Hamilton, it is so interesting that a historical type of story has rap in it. I like that! Neat! I am watching the carpool karaoke now. James Cordon is so adorable to me how he is. . I mean in Doctor Who and in musicals he’s been in and all that. . . he is just a sweet seeming dude. That video was so beautiful. I have only seen his Stevie Wonder and Gwen Stefani carpools other than the one you just shared.

    I was asked by Justice Network’s co-founders to write a blog article on the website about the whole Brock issue. I have been gathering up links and info on it and it is hard for me to actually come up with how to write it. . .and I read the victim’s 12 paged letter in full which makes it harder.

    You posted a Brian Zahnd link! Yes! I like him. I follow him on twitter. I love his posts. His post is great and is so true. The Bible can give anyone anything they want to hear “their itching ears” and all that. I am so into learning more about our faith by reading the Bible, but it becomes a tool for bad many times for people.


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