Saying Goodbye to Our Girl Lulu

Some of you may have already seen in the post-credits of today’s video that we had to say goodbye to Lulu at the end of last week.

I don’t want to get into the details of what happened. It was scary and heartbreaking and SO hard. It was an awful situation and a really, really difficult experience. Josh and I are completely heartbroken.

It feels like she’s been with us for forever – like, i don’t remember what it was like living in this house before we got Lulu. But, we’re exactly one month shy of our one-year anniversary with her. I wish we’d had years more with her.

Here’s a bunch of photos and videos from my phone. This was one of the first photos I took of her.


This photo is the only one we have of the three of us that isn’t a crappy selfie, haha. Thanks, Jordan.


This video of her playing in the snow is my all-time favorite of her. She was a lot of fun!

It’s so quiet in the house without her. I catch myself wanting to check on her throughout the day – where is she, does she need to go outside, etc. Josh and I have both cried so much since Thursday. We are not sleep-cuddlers, but we fell asleep crying together one night.

She was such an adorable dog:


This year, she started doing this thing where she would stand or lay down in front of our full-length mirror and just stare at herself. It cracked us up!


I love this picture. Back when she was allowed to snuggle.


This little head tilt was the cutest thing:


She was such a smart pup, and she took to obedience training right away. She loved working on tricks.. but when she was done, she was done. She was a good girl but she could also be SO STUBBORN. The hardest part for us was learning to be more stubborn than her.



I LOVE this next picture. She was definitely Josh’s girl.


LOL @ this face:


She loved hanging out on the front stoop. Surveying her kingdom.



Man, I’m going to miss walks with Lulu. I NEVER liked going for walks before I got into the groove with her. She made me less anxious.


I love this one. It looks like a painting.




Lulu always got nervous around other animals, and would often whine when she’d hear other dogs barking in the neighborhood. It became an inside joke that she resented the existence of other dogs.. she wanted to be the only dog in the world!


These pictures where she’s sitting in my lap and cuddling make me really sad. I haven’t been able to be that close with her for months. But snuggling with Lulu used to be so much fun.


It is going to take a long time for this overwhelming sadness to become less, um, overwhelming. I don’t think we will ever not be sad about it, though. Even though she had her issues, the majority of the time she was such a sweet girl.


This is one of the last photos we took of her. It’s the sweetest photo I’ve ever gotten of the two of them. I WISH it had been under different circumstances.


I really hope that we gave Lulu a great life and that she enjoyed her time with us. We loved her so much. We miss her.

20 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Our Girl Lulu

  1. ❤ I love you Kelli. You're amazing. Thank you (and Josh) for helping me through cancer treatments. I wish I could give back.


  2. I’m so, so, so sorry you guys had to let her go. We lost a sweet dog a few years ago, and it was really hard on our family. I’m glad you have all these wonderful pictures and memories of good times together. I’m praying that God will help you and Josh work through your grief in a healthy way.

    Thanks again for being so open and honest in your writing. I love reading your posts every day. You are a huge encouragement to me.

    Wishing you all the best –


  3. So incredibly sorry about Lulu. That’s so hard, but I’m glad you can keep some good, sweet memories from your time with her. ❤


  4. I’ve been there…it’s been nearly two years since I lost my furbaby, and just earlier today I almost started crying at work because a song came on that reminded me of him. Well, technically yesterday…But it does get easier. You’ll always miss her, but it really, truly will get less overwhelming. It might take a long time, or it might not–everyone grieves differently. But I promise, if you hold on to God’s hand, He’ll get you through it. Praying for you ❤


  5. Oh Kelli, I am so sorry. 😥 We’re just a few days shy of 3 months since we lost our Emmy. She was a daddy’s girl too. It’s so much harder than I ever imagined. At first we just felt like there was this overwhelming cloud of sadness parked over our home. We couldn’t concentrate on work, and we’d end most days with tears.

    As we approach 3 months, things have gotten slowly better, partially due to our other dog, I’m sure. But we’ve been doing a lot of things to remember Emmy. Some people probably think we’re silly for doing so much, but Emmy was such an important part of our lives. I created a book on Shutterfly filled with photos and memories. Joe is working on a shadow box that will contain her collar, her favorite toy, a favorite photo, and the impression of her paw print we got from the vet. And we plan to get a Cuddle Clone stuffed animal made of her.

    I know you’re going to be sad for a while, but even though you won’t forget her, the sadness will eventually ease and you’ll do more remembering with smiles rather than tears. ❤ I'll be thinking of y'all and praying for you as you grieve.


  6. Kelli, I am so, so sorry. We just went from having two dogs to having none; I know how hard it is to loose a companion like that. I’ll be praying for you–


  7. I am sorry for you guys. I just lost my dog a few weeks ago. He had a long life (would have turned 14 this month) but even still it was very hard to put him down. I often caught myself in checking n him, only to remember that he doesn’t exist anymore. I’m sure it’s strange for you guys too.
    But I pray that God would give you courage and comfort. Grief comes in waves and one moment it’ll be awful, the next it will be just fine. Eventually, you can move on without feeling guilty or in pain.
    Be Blessed!


  8. I am so, so incredibly sorry. Losing a pet is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to live through. Danny and I cried and cried, too. Let yourself grieve….you guys gave Lulu a wonderful life for the time you had her. Try to rest in that. ❤ Thinking of you and holding you both in my heart….


  9. I am so sorry, Kelli. The moment I saw the end of this week’s video, I was instantly heartbroken. A couple of months ago, I lost my wonderful dog of 12 years. I got him during my midteens when he was just a newborn puppy and seeing him put down was one of the hardest things I had to experience in the last few years so far. I understand how devastating it can be. They are innocent, irreplaceable, loving and most of all, family. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures and videos. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to write this or to compile. Take time with Josh to remember all the wonderful times you’ve had with Lulu Lulu. My husband’s love for my dog and his support was an integral help during my time of mourning. Be blessed. 🌺


  10. I am SOOOOOOO sorry! I lost my favorite cat in life recently, I keep thinking about her! I’ve lost dogs before,so,…..yeah. Soooooooo sorry!😢


  11. Sorry to read about your loss 😦 My prayers are with you and those who were affectionately close to Lulu. She was a pretty girl, and through your blog I know you guys gave her many years of happiness! Losing a pet or any loved one isn’t easy, and I truly feel for you; but remember no one ever truly dies as long as someone always remembers that person or pet in their hearts 🙂


  12. I am so sorry for y’all. It’s always hard to lose a pet no matter how long or short they’ve been with you. My mom put it perfectly; that when they leave, they always leave a pawprint on our hearts. * hugs *


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