3 Things I Regret Quitting

I am too tired to write a clever intro, so I’ll cut to the chase. I asked on twitter what I should blog about today and here are the results:

The other subjects will surely become future 3 Things Thursday posts. But today you asked to hear about my regrets, so here they are:



When I was fifteen, I quit the swim team. My coach said, “I think you’re going to regret that one day, but I can’t stop you.” And I walked out thinking, “I don’t care if I regret it — I’m so done with swimming right now.” He was right. And I was right. I wish I hadn’t quit because I miss the outlet, I miss the people, I miss how strong I was, but it turns out I wouldn’t’ve been able to keep it up for much longer, anyway. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few months later (that explains why I was struggling during practices so much and why my energy was so low overall), and there’s some evidence that chlorine is bad for autoimmune diseases.. so I probably would’ve had to quit anyway. Who knows. Either way, I wish I’d stuck around and tried to make it work.

A Vegan Diet 

vegetables-573958_1920I went on a vegan diet for a couple months in high school on the recommendation of my nutritionist, and it was really hard. I was the only one in my family following the diet, and I wasn’t very informed about food and nutrition so I was never able to gain a sense of control over the experience. It was happening TO me, instead of being a choice I had made and understood. I was supposed to stay on it for longer than that, but I kinda just stopped doing it because I got tired of it. I’m not saying that I would still be vegan if I hadn’t gotten lazy, or that I want to try going vegan now, but I do wish that I had been disciplined enough to stick with the program until my nutritionist gave me the ok to move on. Then it would’ve been an intentional, informed, and healthy choice.. instead of an in-the-moment, emotional one.

Side note: I’ve always struggled with an emotional attachment to food – it’s something I’m constantly fighting. The thing I try to remember now is that choosing healing foods is a form of loving myself. Thinking about it this way is actually incredibly helpful! I am being a good steward by giving myself and my body the best opportunity it has to thrive.

Art Classes

It might surprise you to learn that I don’t regret quitting college in my sophomore year – I had no idea what I wanted to do, I wasn’t thriving socially, and my health was taking quite a toll, so leaving was definitely the right choice for me. But I do regret not finding another avenue to take art classes. My Ceramics, Photography, and Mixed Media classes were the best things that happened for me in that year and a half. I’d planned to find public classes once my health was back on track, but I just… didn’t get around to it. Anyone in Nashville know of places that offer this kind of thing?

What’s something you regret quitting?

10 thoughts on “3 Things I Regret Quitting

  1. I regret quitting basketball when I finished middle school. Part of it was out of my control – they didn’t have recreational teams for the high school students, and I wasn’t good enough to play on any sort of varsity or JV team. Another part of it was that I was simply fed up with the organization I played for. Even so, I still miss the sport a lot, and I’m hoping I can get involved in some kind of recreational sport in college!


  2. I regret quitting soccer when I was 10. I wish I had continued into junior high and high school. I love soccer now and wish I knew how to play better. The only reason I liked soccer when I was younger was because of the snacks. Lol. XD


  3. I regret quitting daily exercise. Ever since we moved from AZ I have not been able to go out on my bike as much. One of the main reasons for me not riding my bike is not having friends to do it with plus now I live on a dirt road. I really need to find another way to get my exercise in. I want and need to maintain a healthy body!


  4. I actually can’t think of too many things I regret quitting. For most of them I have found something similar I enjoy a lot more. I have more regrets about things I was too afraid/lazy to try. I wish I had taken drawing classes in High school. I had the room in my schedule but I had never done it before and was afraid to try it in an actual class. I wish I hadn’t waited until Junior year to join choir in college.


  5. Hi Kelli!

    I loved reading your article! (This week and every other week!! :). I regret quitting America-Do Style Martial Arts. I did it for about 2 years (? Or so) when I was about 10-12…. I had gotten fairly good- yellow belt, and I really wish I had continued. My teacher who drove out to a place close to us got sick and wouldn’t be able to teach anymore.. And instead of driving further to the main studio we just dropped it. I’ve seriously considered picking it back up, But I’m no where near as in shape as I need to be. Maybe one day! 🙂

    Megan Bockelman soccerkicker008@aol.com

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  6. It’s kinda random, but I regret not taking the opportunity to do some film extra acting. I look super young for my age and we once had an agent come to one of our drama classes at school who said film directors are always looking for extras who look young (for background/school scenes etc) as they don’t need parental supervision, he had some opportunities but I bottled it and didn’t go for it. Not a huge regret or anything but it would have been nice to have been involved in the process as I love TV/movies!


  7. That is neat that you tried veganism. I think being a kid and doing that alone would be tough since you have little control on the grocery shopping.

    I so relate to you with swimming and art classes (big time). I was sooooo into swimming that I was always last out of the pool or lake or ocean or whatever body of water I was in. I was not really supposed to go under water when I had partial deafness so I had these earplugs shaped to my ears and had to wear bathing caps. I had wanted to be in the Olympics by the time they were held in Sydney. (I had a guy say he’d sponsor me when he watched me several times swim 50 laps a night when I was 11-13 at the gym’s pool that I went to constantly while my mom worked out). . . .but I had no money to continue on otherwise and my mom gave up the gym. I regret SO SO much that I didn’t join the swim team when I was in high school but I was afraid people would mock me for being boney like they did at the last school (I was just muscle on bones).

    I am so sorry that you couldn’t continue on. I am glad you had an encouraging coach. That’s so sad you decided to quit, but if you were struggling with your health, it is understandable. It feels SO GOOD to swim…I’m ready to just go get goggles and a cap and get in that water again (or see how much it is for a gym membership). but alas, not sure I’d have time with all the other things I do.

    Man now you got me all glum thinking about it. My husband hears me say all the time, “I want to swim so badly but I am so out of shape that I’d probably tire out after a lap.”

    I think that is interesting about college! I never wanted to go to college and people still find it odd that to this day I am glad I didn’t go. When I was in high school I thought I’d be an art major because I had loved to draw with conte crayon, charcoals, oil pastels, and colored pencils (and sometimes acrylic paints). I honestly am not good at drawing (my husband would chuckle if he heard me say that) but it is because I can’t come up with anything original. I can look at something and then draw it, and that’s it. I don’t miss it though. I only did it because I wanted my dad to pat me on the back but even when I won awards and had my work at a local museum, he ignored me, so I gave up the end of my senior year since that was why I started…butttt now I do quilting which I like and I did photography since 2001 and have done a lot of freelance (and my dad likes them).

    Your art pictures. . . you seemed really great at pottery and clay work/ceramics!!! I like them!! I hope you find a place to get some classes and to continue on. You have talent!

    My comments are always so long. I’m so sorry.

    I regret quitting violin lessons after doing it for a year when I was 9.
    I regret quitting percussion after 3 years (and not trying to learn on a full set).
    I regret quitting kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and sailing (if I had a way to do them all, I would).
    I regret quitting bike riding (can’t really do it where I live and have been without a bike for over a decade, so I just gave up without trying. . .really want to do that again too).
    I regret becoming such an indoors person when I’ve always been a very active outdoors person.


  8. I seriously regret quitting drawing. I wasn’t so good but I wasn’t so bad either. School got in the way and now I don’t have much time. *sigh*


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