Friday Favorites: Names, Van Gogh, Netflix, A-Ha, and More

Here are the best things I’ve come across this week:

• Anderson Cooper’s emotional tribute to the Orlando massacre victims is heartbreaking. I think it is paradigm-shifting to actually see the faces and hear the names of the people who lost their lives.. at least is was for me. “50 people died” becomes even more gut wrenching when you hear 49 individual’s names in a row. What a horrible event.

Early in the week, I felt myself going to a dark place (emotionally) so I let myself take a break from reading heavy news stories and angry opinion pieces. I think it’s important to know and honor our own limits! So the rest of the items this week are more lighthearted. 🙂 Here are the best (lighthearted) things I came across this week:

• This Van Gogh dark water art. The water painting/marbling technique completely blows my mind.. and just when you think it’s over, it gets even cooler!

• I learned that Netflix has tons of hidden categoriesBless that list.

• I used to listen to a LOT of NPR on my commute to and from college, and Fresh Air was my favorite program. This Terry Gross quote generator is awesome. TG’s interviewing style is really so unique.

• This ridiculously goofy video from Marlon Webb makes me laugh every time I watch it. A-ha and dudes who apparently don’t know how to run? It’s too funny. These guys must be super strong.. that does NOT look easy:

This “book titles without vowels” challenge from Mental Floss was pretty fun – I got all but one  on my first try!

What’s the best thing you came across this week?

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Names, Van Gogh, Netflix, A-Ha, and More

  1. It is definitely great that they read all the names of the people who were murdered. I looked through the Netflix list and typed the codes in that interested me! Thanks!
    That Van Gogh watercolor video was so cool!! A-Ha’s Take on Me is one of my favorites so this was a fun vid! I wonder what people thought when they saw them running in that way. hahahahaha. The person walking while on their phone didn’t even flinch.

    I have barely been on the internet lately so I haven’t seen much of anything….


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