For Those Who Hurt on Father’s Day

Usually on Father’s Day I would write a post celebrating my own Dad and Father-in-Law. But this year, just like on Mother’s Day, I find myself thinking about the ones for whom Father’s Day is more difficult and/or complicated.

If you’ve lost your father

..I pray that you’ll be flooded with happy memories of him today, and the Lord would bring you comfort in your sadness.

If your father is ill and/or not quite himself anymore

..I pray that you can find ways to celebrate who your father is now.

If your father was never around, or if your father mistreated you

..I pray that you can find rest in God’s perfect, father-like care for you.

If you wish you were a father but aren’t

..I pray that you’ll find a way to trust that God knows your heart.

If you are a father who has lost a child or children

..I pray for comfort and peace in your sadness.

If you are a father struggling through the difficulties of fatherhood

..I pray that you’ll experience rest, and freedom from comparison.

If Father’s Day is difficult for you for any reason

..You are not alone. Sending love and comfort.

  “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
    is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5

4 thoughts on “For Those Who Hurt on Father’s Day

  1. This is really great Kelli. Thanks.
    My dad and I never had a relationship at all even though my parents have been married for 45 years. He wasn’t a good dad, though he wasn’t the worst, but he was non-involved and was violent as he suffered from PTSD from Vietnam War and put it on us. It was always very hard.

    To make a long story short I decided to treat my dad the way I’d want to have him treat me. . .so I started to take him out for dates (we never had those) and I started to be kind to him and consider him and call him here and there. . .it has in turn caused us to have a peaceful relationship within the past year. It has been nice. I used to hate my dad and have learned to slowly love him bit by bit. I think he has become a better dad than husband though in present tie….but that’s something else. ugh.

    I cry a lot when I see really great father-daughter relationships, perhaps to mourn my own childhood while being so thankful that those girls have great dads, though I am happy at what I am building with my dad.


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