Getting Back in the Saddle Again

Goals from 2 weeks ago:

1. Keep it up, but don’t stress about it: D-
Go outside, eat healing foods, keep the house tidy, and do yoga every day. I didn’t do any of these very well in the last two weeks. Grief sucked the energy out of me, I guess. I didn’t even succeed at not stressing out, haha. Oh well. The only reason i’m not giving myself an F is because I’m trying to be kind to myself.

2. Rest: B
I did the best I could, but there were days when life got in the way.

2. Create Something: A-
I spent some time with my mom last weekend and we colored in her coloring books for a couple of hours. It was nice to do something somewhat creative just for the sake of doing it without any pressure to make it good.

This week’s goals:

The last few weeks have really knocked me down. This week, I’d like to get back into the saddle again and rebuild my normal daily routine.

1. Go outside ~15 minutes every day
Honestly, it’s been so hot lately that I kind of doubt I’ll last fifteen minutes.. but I know from past experience that just getting out of my bedroom and into the fresh air for a few minutes each day does wonders for my mental outlook (and, in turn, my physical health).

2. Reinstate daily healing food routine
My appetite hasn’t been great lately, but I need to stop skipping meals & supplements.. that doesn’t help anything.

3. Get back into the swing of daily chores
The dishes and laundry have been piling up, and Josh has picked up some of the slack but he can’t do everything (he is running a business AND writing scripts AND editing videos AND working on multiple other projects AND taking care of me AND traveling to New York AND working out every day AND he just lost his pet, too.. that man is the busiest guy I know).  I want to start pulling my weight around the house again. And not just for Josh’s sake.. I’ve mentioned before how motivating it is to feel like I’m helping out, even if my energy isn’t great – it makes me want to keep up my momentum in other areas, too.

4. Finish up YOGACAMP
I’ve skipped several days of yoga because I just haven’t had the energy. But I’m on day 26 of yoga camp, and I’d love to finish out the last few days strong. I did it today, so I’m already on the right track!

Bonus (depending on health): Reintroduce neighborhood walks
I haven’t gone for a walk in a week and a half. I am afraid that A) it will make me sad, and B) I will be too nervous without Lulu to focus on. I have anxieties about leaving my home and getting sick without a quick way to get back home (Crohn’s probs). I have a couple of strategies that I’m going to try.. but all of this is assuming that I start feeling well enough to try them in the first place. We’ll see

That is a lot of goals, but they are small things that I usually do every day, so I think I can handle it. I’m also gonna let myself take it slow if I find it overwhelming. I know that these things are good for me, so it’s worth the effort, but if I find myself stressing out, I’m going to show myself some grace.


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