Currently (or: my favorite drink, upcoming birthdays, and still missing Lulu)

Currently, I’m..

My favorite smoothie right now is 1 cup each of frozen pineapple, frozen blueberry, almond milk, and about a half cup of pineapple juice. I’m drinking one right now and it’s so refreshing. I’m also really into grapefruit juice again, after a couple-month break.

This Friday is Josh’s birthday AND my Dad’s birthday, so I’m sure this weekend will contain a bunch of celebrating. Also, today’s yoga camp affirmation was “I celebrate” so I’ve been celebrating my yoga accomplishments and the fact that I’m feeling pretty good, health-wise, today.

Josh editing videos all day. I can hear the repeated phrases and spliced audio of mostly Jordan’s voice, echoing throughout the house. It used to bother me (years ago), but now it’s just a normal piece of background noise that I can easily block out.

I really miss Lulu today. It’s been 12 days since we said goodbye, and the house still feels a little empty without her. I cry about her absence every couple of days. I just. man. I don’t know how to talk about it, but I think about her all the time.

Thankful for..
my Dad, family lunches, kind messages from strangers, simple-yet-delicious salads, my comfy bed, Jessica Fletcher, new video opportunities, Heavy the dog, yoga camp, bergamot oil, and my very, very sweet husband.

What are you currently drinking, celebrating, hearing, missing, and/or thankful for this week?

4 thoughts on “Currently (or: my favorite drink, upcoming birthdays, and still missing Lulu)

  1. I feel you, Kelli! I’ve commented before about how we had an extremely similar situation with our dog. We had him for about the same length of time that you had Lulu. Thankfully we were able to find him a new home, but it’s still really hard. We said goodbye a little over a month ago, and I still really miss him. If I’m gone, or sometimes when I go downstairs, I expect to see him, or him to run and greet us. I don’t really cry about it anymore (and I cried a lot!!), but it’s still hard. Prayer info for you guys! ❤️


  2. I am currently drinking lots of water, I will be celebrating my Dad’s birthday in August, I am thankful for the missionary organization Gospel for Asia, and I am recently can’t stop listening to Jordan’s song from Messy Mondays the Homeschooler’s Guide to Dating. I actually contacted Jordan through the Blimey Cow website asking him to make a longer version of that song. It is so hilarious!! I am sorry about your dog. I am a cat person, but I can imagine how it would feel if I had to say goodbye to one of my “babies”. I will be praying for you.


  3. I am currently celebrating life! Kelli, I am so sorry about Lulu. I’m praying for you guys. I am missing my friends who I haven’t seen in weeks, and I am thankful for the miracle of air conditioning, music, the internet, and life.


  4. Well a happy birthday to Josh and your dad.
    Can’t Josh edit with headphones on? My husband does two podcasts with my brother and edits it regularly and does it with headphones so I don’t have to hear it constantly. haha.
    The pain of not having Lulu around will ease up after a few more weeks, but you will probably cry every so often in the future regardless. My husband just told me yesterday that he never wants to have the breed of dog we had of our last dog who died this year because she was so special to us. She was the second dog I have owned in that breed and I am used to having it, but think I agree. . .so it made me sad and cry thinking of her again, so I understand that feeling (granted where we live we can’t even get another dog at the moment which makes me so much sadder).

    drinking – water
    celebrating – this weekend my niece graduating high school as she has a graduation party
    hearing – a happier 7 year old (he threw up allll yesterday and this morning and is all better now)
    missing – a slimmer waistline, but that is my own lazy fault lately
    thankful – that when I woke up this morning fearing my child withered away to death after all that throwing up, that he was alive and breathing (but he is sooooo skinny that I am worried still)


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