3 Things I Quit Regretting

Last week, I wrote about three things I regret quitting. After publishing, I misread the title as, “3 Things I Quit Regretting” and thought that might make an interesting blog post, too. So here are three things that I used to spend a lot of time thinking about and regretting, but now I don’t let them bother me anymore.

1. “Missing out”
It happens a lot – I’ll have a plan to go out, but as the day goes on I feel less and less interested in leaving the house. I used to beat myself up about missing concerts or parties in favor of staying home, but now I’ve just accepted that this is a part of me. I prefer chilling at home to noisy crowds. So I’ve ditched the FOMO (fear of missing out), instead giving myself permission to be who I am. And who I am is someone who needs a whole lot of motivation to leave her house, haha. I try not to skip EVERY event because I think it’s important to stretch my comfort zone, but if the day arrives and I’m not into it anymore, I feel no sense of obligation to go just because I was planning to at one point. However, I do try to rally myself for events that I’ve been personally invited to.. I’m not THAT rude.

2. Past fashion choices 
Of course there are outfits and weird accessories I look back on and cringe, but it’s not worth wasting actual mental energy over it. Trends and personal tastes change over time – it’s just part of life. No use feeling embarrassed about something you can’t change!


This is nowhere near the most embarrassing outfit I used to wear, but dresses over jeans? That was a big, weird trend for me in high school. 

3. Ex-boyfriends and ex-crushes 
I used to feel some shame about having dated a few guys before settling down with Josh (even though they were innocent and short-lived). But the way I see it now, each relationship, pseudo-relationship, and crush before Josh taught me something about myself OR gave me a better idea of what I wanted in a mate. I can waste time regretting “wasted time” or I can look back and be glad that I had those experiences, because they helped me recognize a great thing when it was in front of me.

3 thoughts on “3 Things I Quit Regretting

  1. This was pretty interesting. Obviously, I have a lot to learn. I’ll probably go through those stages you have passed. I’m still a teenager and I have so much to learn.


  2. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting this into words! I saw the title of this post and was immediately intrigued. I’m definitely the type that tends to mull over embarrassments and regrets, but I try to keep reminding myself that every single part of our lives happens for a reason. God’s got it all under control! Thank goodness.
    Thanks for #3. I have a really hard time getting to know guys because I’m afraid of how it might affect my future marriage! (But in order to get married I have to start by getting to know a guy!! *sigh*) My head knows how ridiculous this is but my heart is still afraid… so thanks for the encouragement.

    Also, thank you for that adorable picture of you and Josh! I totally tried the dress over jeans look in high school too! XD


  3. I am glad that you quit regretting those things. I remember people’s fascinations with dresses over jeans and I never understood the style, but it was definitely nice and modest, so I liked that. haha. You two look so cute in that picture!!!! If it makes you feel better I wore those really gigantic pants with space ships on the sides of the pants, showed off my belly immodestly, and wore jelly bracelets to cover my arms up to my elbows. I also used to put eyeshadow (white) over my zits because I didn’t know anything about coverup. wow. haha.

    I think it is common to regret past relationships. I used to try to regret my husband’s past girlfriends, but those were very serious (he started dating at age twelve and had a girlfriend per year for a full year). I think it was something I had obsessed with because it made me feel like I should have been the only one for him ever, but that was dumb. He used to tell me that those relationships taught him a lot of lessons in life he needed to go through to get him to me and that I was his first in so many ways and that his self esteem was so bad before me. He used to say it was his pre-Christian days and to not look down on him for it, and I did. . .and really shouldn’t have. Now that we have known each other half of my life it would be dumb if I still held that against him. I took so long to accept those things, and now I do and it has truly made me happier and thankful for what we have together.


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