Friday Favorites: My Favorite Things About Josh

Today is Josh’s birthday! Instead of sharing the best things I came across on the internet this week, I want to share a few of my favorite things about Josh. He really is my favorite person in the world and I’m really happy to be matched up with him ❤

It’s his 28th birthday, so here’s a really sappy list:

28 of my favorite things about Josh (in no particular order)

  1. his smile
  2. his laugh
  3. his gorgeous green eyes
  4. he is kind
  5. he’s creative
  6. he has the best sense of humor
  7. he is principled & idealistic
  8. he gives great kisses
  9. he works hard
  10. he’s adventurous
  11. he is compassionate
  12. his family is awesome
  13. he gives great hugs
  14. he’s the most enthusiastic person I know
  15. we have great conversations
  16. he cares for me so well
  17. he is encouraging
  18. he’s patient
  19. he’s gentle
  20. he is self-aware
  21. he is considerate of others
  22. he’s very attentive
  23. he loves Disney World more than anything (it’s adorable)
  24. he’s really good with kids and will make a great dad if we ever have our own
  25. he’s passionate
  26. he’s a wonderful husband
  27. we have a lot of fun together
  28. he’s the best friend I’ve ever had

Happy Birthday, Josh!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: My Favorite Things About Josh

  1. Aw, this was so cute (though I would never admit this in public). It’s great to see how much you care about your Josh and happy birthday to Josh!

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  2. Wait until he gives you the choice between bailing a relative out of jail or getting divorced. It’s coming, maybe not tomorrow, but some time…


    • Wow ZZ! I feel sorry for you and the fact that you obviously seem to have had some hard times. Not everyone will go through the same troubles.I think it is sad that you seem to find pleasure in being bitter towards her blogposts. She is taking great strides in her life to heal. Please leave her alone.


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