More of the Same

Last week’s goals:

1. Go outside ~15 minutes every day: C
I went outside to get some sun three times this week. It’s been really hot.

2. Reinstate daily healing food routine: A-
For some reason, I’ve started choking on my supplement pills?? I don’t know why that’s suddenly started happening. To fix it, I tried swallowing my pills one at a time, but THAT didn’t work either – I choked on a pill today! I hate that feeling. It’s panic and adrenaline and dry heaving and wondering how I’m gonna do the Heimlich maneuver on myself. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that, but I haven’t been taking my supplements consistently out of a fear of choking. I know that’s not a good thing.. I’m looking into powdered versions of my supplements, so we’ll see how that turns out.

3. Get back into the swing of daily chores: B-
My energy is still pretty low this week, so I haven’t been as much help around the house as I’d like.

4. Finish up YOGACAMP: A
I did it! I finished a 30 day yoga program! It took me thirty *six* days, but I did it. I’m proud of myself. I intend to keep up the daily yoga practices!

Bonus: reintroduce neighborhood walks
This didn’t happen! Not only has my energy been low, but it’s been HOT outside! Tennessee heat is oppressive.. humid, sticky, yucky. I do want to start taking walks again, though, so I guess I’ll just have to get over it.

This week’s goals: more of the same

I’m not gonna start feeling better again until I can get my daily routine back under control.

1. Go outside ~15 minutes every day

2. Supplements every day
This includes figuring out how to take them without choking.

3. Daily chores
Sometimes it just takes a minute to get back into the swing of things. I’ll get it this week.

4. Yoga every day
I’m excited that I’ll have a little more control over the kind of practice I have each day, now that yoga camp is over.

Bonus: neighborhood walks
I’d really like to make this happen. Hopefully my energy levels will cooperate.

6 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. I’m so happy to see you doing so well right now 🙂 I really hope for your sake that your health continues to improve xx
    I have always struggled to take pills (we call them tablets in Australia). Other people’s suggestions of ways to try never helped; I just had to gradually build up my tolerance starting at very small (and I mean tiny!) tablets. I’m getting there though. Hope this problem goes away soon!


  2. It’s been hard for me to take pills too. Sorry to hear about that! I put some water in my mouth, then throw the pill in and swallow, which helps me instead of putting the pill at the back of my dry mouth :]
    I know what it’s like to try to corral one’s daily schedule into consistency and cohesiveness! It can be hard, especially after a crazy time in your life. You can do it!


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