Friday Favorites: Thoughts on Adoption, Misogyny, Personality, Music, and Beginner’s Yoga

Happy weekend, friends! Here are the best things I came across online this week:

• As someone who is still new to yoga, these 4 Things Beginner Yogis Should Know were a helpful motivator and reminder that not only am I the only person responsible for taking care of myself, but that I have complete control of this process. I get to choose how I move forward. That’s empowering!

• I shared the band Fortunes with you guys several weeks ago, but since then they’ve reimagined their project as Wildernessa. Their new EP, Crystalized, is on iTunes today, but they’re also streaming it on their website for a limited time here. This music is really relaxing, and Karsyn’s voice is SO pretty.

• One of my favorite podcasts, Invisibilia, is back with it’s second season, and I’m pumped! Last week’s episode explored the popular belief that our personalities are fixed throughout our lifetimes.. Maybe not! The idea that personality is more dependent on the situations we find ourselves in than some ineffable part of our souls is both unsettling and empowering. Listen here: The Personality Myth.

• “If you are a misogynist on the internet, you are also a misogynist in your daughter’s nursery.” Glennon at Momastery talks about the implied violence within a certain misogynistic slur and the impact it has on the women in the commenter’s life when he uses that word in the world. Quit Hating Her!

Walt & Annie’s story of infertility, adoption, and God’s love made me cry, in a good way. What a cool story:

What’s the best thing YOU came across this week? 

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Thoughts on Adoption, Misogyny, Personality, Music, and Beginner’s Yoga

  1. That video that your shared!! The story was absolutely beautiful!! It reminded me of how much trusting God can be a blessing in your life. It also reminded me of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible. God had it under control! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂


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