Blimey Cow Photo-A-Day 2016 FAQ


Summer of Blimey Cow is back, baby! Well.. kind of. We brought back the photo challenge!

After countless requests, we’re hosting a photoaday challenge for the Cowmoonity again. The last time we did this was in 2013, and it was a really cool experience! We are still in touch with several people we met through instagram back then, and we’ve heard stories of friends who found each other through the blimeycowphotoaday hashtag. That’s awesome! I hope that this year will be a similar experience for everyone who plays along (even though there are so many more people participating than there were three years ago).

Here are some questions I’ve gotten a lot in the past couple days and/or the last time we did a photoaday challenge.


What is a photo-a-day challenge? How do I play along?

It’s just what it sounds like! Share one photo every day on social media, using the prompts above for each day’s photo. Be sure to hashtag it #blimeycowphotoaday if you want us to see them!

Where do I share the photos?

Wherever you’d like – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, make a scrapbook, etc. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Does my profile have to be public?

No! You can still participate with a private account. The blimey team and others participating won’t be able to see your photos, but that’s your own personal choice! I think you will still have a good time if you take the photos just for yourself 🙂

What if I miss a day or can’t think of a photo for the day’s prompt?

That’s okay. You can either make up a missed prompt later, or feel free to skip it and just jump back in whenever you want.

Do I have to actually take the photos on the day I share them?

Nope! You can upload old photos that fit the prompt if you want.

Can I use someone else’s photo?

ONLY if you have the photo taker’s express permission. Otherwise, you must use YOUR OWN photos. Don’t ever post someone else’s image as your own.

What is day 23? Big Head Kid? How am I supposed to take a picture of that?

He’s the goofy character in the red & gray t-shirt from our videos. If you’re familiar with Blimey Cow, I’m certain you’ve seen him! (Here’s a video all about BHK if you’re still not sure who I mean.) Your BHK photo can be a cosplay, a drawing, a situation that you think BHK might find himself in, or even just something that reminds you of him. Be creative.

Who chooses the photos for the daily spotlight?

It’s mainly going to be me (Kelli), but I’m sure I can talk the guys into choosing one or two of the days. We’ll label and tag who has chosen the featured photos each day.

Do you check Twitter and Facebook for the daily spotlight photos, or just Instagram?

The featured four photos will come from Instagram’s #blimeycowphotoaday feed. It’s just easier that way. We’ll still look through the Twitter feed (and honestly I’m not sure how it would work on Facebook?).

When and where will you share the daily spotlight photos?

I’ll post each prompt’s featured four the next day on Instagram and Twitter, so as to give everyone in every time zone a chance to get their photos in.

Why aren’t you choosing MY photos? I worked hard on them and I think they are better than what you are featuring!

We’ll only be choosing four (or at most, nine) photos each day, so I realize that a lot of people will likely be left out. We are not saying these are the BEST, and we’re not saying yours stink if they aren’t chosen! We are just pulling four photos from the hashtag feed that jump out at us and look nice together in a grid. 🙂

Are you guys going to be participating?

Yes! On Instagram and Twitter. You can find Jordan at @Messy_Jordan, Josh at @dearfuturejosh, and me at @keenertaylor. (And Big Head Kid at @bigheadkid1)

Can I tag your personal accounts to make sure you will see my photos?

We would prefer it if you didn’t; that gets overwhelming! Just use #blimeycowphotoaday –  we will be checking that hashtag periodically.

A final note:

The point of the blimeycowphotoaday is to HAVE FUN and be CREATIVE! Don’t get too wrapped up in trying to get featured. I also encourage you to go through the tag yourself to like & leave nice comments on the photos you like. This community is full of really great people and I love how kind everyone is to each other.. let’s keep that up!

If this posts didn’t answer your question, feel free to ask me or the blimey cow accounts for clarification.

Happy photoaday-ing!

7 thoughts on “Blimey Cow Photo-A-Day 2016 FAQ

  1. That’s Awesome!! I don’t have instagram, twitter,Facebook,or a blog,what about Google plus?


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