Today has been tough. I keep thinking about what Alton Sterling’s family must be going through. About all the families who have been through similar things. It’s not right! This shouldn’t keep happening. I am truly baffled that there are people who don’t believe there is a problem.

Another reason I’m sad  is that my mom’s dementia is progressing quicker than we’d like. It’s hard to watch her struggle. It’s tough to see the ways it affects my dad, too. He’s planning for future possibilities, and he’s including me in the conversation. They’re important plans, and I’m glad to be in the loop, but they’re tough.

A national heartache, a personal heartache. My heart is heavy. And I don’t really know what to say beyond that.

3 thoughts on “Heavy-Hearted

  1. Love you Kelli and your sweet family. I am praying GOD will intervene where my sweet Phyllis is concerned. She is the most loving person I know so full of wisdom. I praying daily for Stand and your family. Love you….Peggy


  2. Hey there, I’m so sorry about everything going on for you at the moment. My family have been through dealing with dementia and it was a pretty aggresive kind. We’ve done all the difficult (and sometimes awkward) conversations so if you need a chat or want to ask anything or just vent about it, get in touch. I’ll be praying for you, Cara x


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