3 Important Perspectives

I’m aware that the world doesn’t need another white woman’s take on the disproportionate amount of black people being killed by police in this country. This isn’t about me. But I can’t just write a lighthearted list about food or entertainment today and ignore what is happening right now. Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Two men killed in the last 48 hours. Their lives were wrongfully and violently cut short. Like so many others. This is wrong.

I’m not going to watch the videos of the killings – I’m not going to invite those images into my head. I don’t think I’m wrong to shield myself from these videos. It’s good that the videos exist (nothing about this is good – I guess I mean ‘fortunate’ but that word feels wrong too); I pray the videos will help in the road to justice – maybe they will spur the changes that are so desperately needed in an eff’d up system. Honestly I don’t even know what those changes should be. But I definitely  don’t think we should be sharing murder footage so flippantly.

Here are four videos you can share instead. Again, this isn’t about me – I’m not asking you to share my blog post (in fact I’d truly prefer it if you just shared the direct links to these videos). I don’t know what else to say. I beg you to be receptive to others’ experiences for ten minutes and listen to these people. Their perspectives are important. Let’s set aside our discomfort and listen to the people whose lives are affected by these incidents.


4 thoughts on “3 Important Perspectives

  1. I totally agree with you on this post. Nathan Zed is amazing. I watched his video last night and it really touched me. It is so difficult to offer perspective on this highly politicized issue from a Christian conservative perspective.


  2. Kelli, this post is so beautiful. All the recent events hurt my heart also but you dealt with them well. As a black person I do believe that this is about race on some level but before that it’s about valuing life.



  3. Even though I’m late, I’m glad you suggested these videos. I have watched Nathan Zed. I didn’t know you knew Ahsante as well.


  4. I’ve put this post on hold because I know I’d want to watch all the things that you posted. Now that I have time to just watch these . . .thanks for doing so. I think that white women and men need to speak out. There honestly aren’t enough. I hear more from those who are white complaining rather than standing up for black people.

    I know that from just a few posts Justice Network posted on our facebook page (which me and the co-founder are the only ones who run it and it is really the two of us who speak up about it in general) we got some really sour responses of people making excuses and it bugged me. Why would people not want to speak up for another person who is hurting simply because of their skin color, especially if thousands are trying to express it? One response to the JN instagram pic I posted was all explaining how the “free money” black people get is definitely not really oppressing them and that it wasn’t fair :: sigh ::

    Great videos. Thanks so much for sharing them. Listening to the family member cry out so much in the one video is really sad. You don’t see such breakdowns on TV. To hear that woman cry that she has no family there. . .I watched her two videos other than this one that she had live (one after her man was shot and the other while in the squad car). It was great to see this one. Such an ache inside to hear these pained people who did not deserve to be treated the way they were at all. It makes me so sad.


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