Friday Favorites: Small Talk, Dementia, Black & Blue Lives, Hand Lettering

Here are some of the best things I’ve come across this week:

My Struggle with American Small Talk by Karan Mahajan “American life is based on a reassurance that we like one another but won’t violate one another’s privacies. This makes it a land of small talk.”

Living With Dementia – Chris’s Story.  Chris’s story is different than my mom’s, but there are similarities enough that I had a lump in my throat watching the entire film.

Dallas Police Shooting is the Type of Violence Black Lives Matter is Fighting Against by Jamilah King “If we refuse to address the disregard for black life, we make it all too easy to disregard other lives — and yes, that includes the lives of police officers.”

Something, Anything by Heather B. Armstrong“…I think a lot of white people are terrified that whatever they do or say is going to be met with a resounding chorus of YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.” 

My friend Kirby started a new instagram account for her hand-lettering, and she’s amazing. It was difficult to narrow it down, but here are a few of my favorites. I love seeing these come across my feed.

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One thought on “Friday Favorites: Small Talk, Dementia, Black & Blue Lives, Hand Lettering

  1. It was so interesting to learn how people in India are with their relationships of friendships and such. I used to have 2 Indian bosses and worked with their wives. I also had to train three Indian employees when I was the manager of that business. I LOVED working with the women and the men were so passionate and would get heated in their “rants” about things. It was so amazing. From my two years of working with them every day, I never heard of this part….and honestly it makes me feel like I am more Indian than American after reading that. hahaha. Maybe that is why I got along so well with those co-workers and bosses (so much so that every year the boss still calls me to see if I’ll work for him again, 9 years later).

    That Dementia video is really long. . .I’ll watch it later when I have more time (off to take a shower after this).

    The one article where this quote was put in: “‘When Black people get free, everybody gets free,’ wrote Alicia Garza, co-founder of the hashtag and organization that now bears the name Black Lives Matter.”
    This is so true. I recently read from an Asian perspective from those living in Hong Kong being big supporters of Black Lives Matter for this reason.

    Your friend is very talented and I love how the John 16:33 one came out (my husband has that tattooed on his wrist, not the verse, but the location of where it is found, but we have it memorized and it has been a great conversational piece when people ask what the passage says). Anyway I enjoy the pretty letters.

    I read the Something, Anything article you posted as well. In response to it, I am learning new things every day as a white woman who goes to a predominantly black church in a predominantly black and Spanish community. I used to think that I was so caring of people of different skin color until I realized how much privilege I always had. The last church I attended had two black women out of over a hundred women and no black men (the women were married to white men). I realized that where I once went to church was such a bubble world for me filled with people who were afraid to go into black communities ten minutes away. Now that I am going to a church in one of “those” areas as my mom actually has called it, where it is a low-income housing community (which my husband was born into), I see God in a huge whole different light than before. I don’t know. . .I go to church 45 minutes away and my old church is 5 minutes away. I want to go up to all those white people and shake them and bring them to the street where I go to church where just two weeks ago there was a gang related shooting and where state troopers are constantly driving around making the people nervous. I am learning that who I once was, barely being around black people, and being such a “good Christian” was so off in so many ways. ….so yeah just my rant. I so see a new world and that black lives matter immensely more than I ever thought before.


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