The #blimeycowphotoaday Week 1 Spotlight Roundup

I haven’t really been in the mood for creativity (or even productivity) this week, but I have been manning the blimey cow photoaday challenge  – choosing four or nine photos to feature each day from the #blimeycowphotoaday tag on instagram. It takes a good amount of time, but it’s fun to look through the photos and kinda get to know those who are playing along. I feel closer to the community. (Excuse me.. “cowmoonity”)

Y’all might have already seen these on Blimey Cow’s social media accounts, but if not, here are the featured photo collages for the first week of the challenge, with commentary:

Day 1: Selfie.

This was a great way to kick off the photoaday challenge – I enjoyed getting to put faces to usernames I’ve recognized for years, but also it was just neat to see all the people who were participating in the challenge this month. Too cool.

Day 2: A Friendly Face

All four of these pictures made me smile as I was scrolling through the hashtag. Just look at those smiles!

Day 3: What do You Hear?

That baby is ADORABLE and I can totally imagine her (his?) little yawn.

Day 4: Your Favorite Photo

This was such an open prompt that it was actually kinda hard to choose which ones to feature.

Day 5: What Makes You Unique?

This was another cool prompt to go through & see how unique our audience truly is.

Day 6: Laughter

: D Look how happy these people are!

Day 7: 7 o’clock

I always struggle with time-of-day photo prompts, but I thought there were a lot of really creative photos on this day – especially the Apple watch/pool break one. And I could live in that bottom right T-shirt.

Day 8: Something You Love

I feel like the photos are getting more creative and lovely every day, and I especially felt that way about yesterday’s selection. Just look at how pretty this grid is. ❤


I’m really enjoying this challenge and I look forward to seeing what the cowmoonity comes up with for the rest of the month!

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