Hit and Miss

Last week’s goals:

1. Stay on track: C
Supplements, healing foods, going outside, yoga, staying on top of chores. Honestly, I was pretty hit and miss with my daily routine. I kept up with them about half the time, but never all of them together.. ha.

2. Blog improvements: F
I didn’t cross a single thing off my to-do list. Whoops. I’m having trouble finding motivation for this.. or even caring at all.. so that’s a sign to me that I need to put this on the back burner for a little bit while I get myself back on track in other ways.

3. #blimeycowphotoaday: A-
I’m currently behind on the featured photos. But other than that, the photoaday challenge is going strong!

This week’s goals:

1. Make appointments I’ve been putting off
I need to get my eyes checked, see a podiatrist about some foot pain I’ve been experiencing, and there are maybe one or two other appointments I should make.. but I just keep putting them off. This week, I’d like to at least take care of my eyes and my feet.

2. Spend time with Mom
Spending time with mom is bittersweet – it’s difficult to be confronted with the reality of her condition, but I don’t want to be in denial OR miss out on sweet moments and memories I could be making.

3. Start reconnecting with friends
I’ve been in a bubble for a few months. I do this.. I isolate myself when I’ve got too much going on and/or when I’m sad. I’m gonna work slowly so I don’t get overwhelmed, but.. it’s time to start reaching out again.

4. Take care of myself 
Supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest, but don’t hole up in bed all week.

4 thoughts on “Hit and Miss

  1. Good luck on your goals. I have been enjoying the #blimeycowphotoaday. I myself have actually only posted three photos. I need to take more pictures for the rest of the challenge.


  2. I completely resonate with isolating yourself. It’s so easy to withdraw when I’m tired and sad. Sometimes it’s nessecary to reach out , even when it’s hard, but most of the time it’s worth it. 😊


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