Friday Favorites: Encouragement, New Music, Noncomplimentary Behavior, and Kindness

This week’s link roundup is gonna be a short one. I forgot about saving links during the week. That being said, here are some of the best things I came across on the internet this week:

The caption on this photo from Christie Dupree was exactly what I needed to hear. “You could never be too much. You are exactly enough. Your thoughts and feelings and heart and mind are specifically proportioned to the way God made you.”

Relient K’s newest album is available to stream on Pandora! I’ve been looking forward to Air for Free for ages.. I haven’t gotten to listen to it much, but I love what I’ve heard so far.

How A Danish Town Helped Young Muslims Turn Away From ISIS from NPR’s Invisibilia. “As they see it, coming down hard on young, radicalized Muslims will only make them angrier and more of a danger to society. Helping them is the only chance to keep an eye on them and also to keep the peace in their town.” (I love Invisibilia –  this episode is a wonderful example of why.)

This video of a kind-hearted woman helping a dog, and the thanks he offers her is just precious. I miss our girl Lulu today.

One thought on “Friday Favorites: Encouragement, New Music, Noncomplimentary Behavior, and Kindness

  1. It is a good list. I was listening to Relient K’s new album through Spotify. I am thinking about buying it on vinyl. It is probably #3/#4 for my favorites of theirs. I saw all you Taylors calling it “the best” this week on twitter. I definitely like it though, but then again Josh said the self-titled first album is his least favorite and that one is also #3/#4 for me probably because “Softer to Me” on the self-titled was one that turned my life around a bit when my husband (then friend/crush) told me to hear it in August, 2000! I had to relisten to all their albums this week to see, and I still love that one. MMHMM and Forget and Not Slow Down are #1/#2 but I can’t decide which gets which spot.

    Great instagram message posted. THanks for sharing it.

    Those Danes are so great. They are really really high up in the peace index (I think they were #1 actually) so it is amazing that they were so helpful to the Muslims coming in. That’s a great link!


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