My Juice Date With Mom


On Thursday, I took my mom out for an impromptu mother-daughter date at Juice Bar. Mom got the cocoa banana smoothie and I got a blueberry chocolate smoothie. YUM.


It had been raining all week, and I was starting to feel gloomy because of it. Thankfully, hanging out with my sweet mom was just what I needed to chase away the rainy day blues. Just look at this sweet face:


I took her back home and she showed me her rock collection again. She loves showing people her rocks! She’ll grab one at random and say, “Have I shown you this one?” I can’t tell that much of a difference between a lot of her stones, so I just say, “No you haven’t! What do you like about this one?” and she’ll point to a vein of color, or direct me to feel the texture.

I’m looking forward to a hundred more guided tours from my momma. I’ll never get tired of looking through these rocks with her.

5 thoughts on “My Juice Date With Mom

  1. Hi Kelli,
    Cynthia Westbrook passed your blog onto me. Just wanted to let you know I am praying for your mom and your family. Phyllis and I went to SFA together. She, Cynthia, Anne and I had some great adventures in our short time together. I know your mom gave you a strong foundation of faith. I pray you continue to stay strong. Hug your mom for me.
    Laura “Torres” Wheeler


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  3. You have a precious, sweet Mother, a great friend and neighbor to me, I pray for your Mother and all of you, treasure the times you have, as they go so quickly and someday memories will
    be all you have of each other.


  4. That is nice that you were able to get a smoothie and see her rocks again. I am glad that you won’t get sick of seeing them. I am sure that is tough to relive the day again. I am watching a Korean Drama right now where a woman who is a doctor begins to get dementia and was denying it and started to notice things she was doing. It is not the main premise of the show at all and is the main guy’s mom going through it, so we see some of her story coming out bit by bit. It keeps reminding me of your mom. I also saw Finding Dory with my boys and thought of things you have said about her and it made me like the movie more in thinking of that connection.


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