Makeover Week 

Last week’s goals:

1. Make appointments I’ve been putting off: B
I got my eyes checked, and I called to make the other appointment I needed to make, but the podiatrist I wanted to see about my foot pain has moved offices and it would take too long to get to his new location. I meant to find a replacement but never got around to it.

2. Spend time with mom: A
I took mom out for smoothies, and we looked through her rock collection on Thursday. It was a sweet time! I blogged about it yesterday.

3. Start reconnecting with friends: A
It’s been a great week, friend-wise. I reconnected with an old friend, got to know a new friend a little better, made plans with other friends for next week, and even went to an all-girls’ prayer thing one evening.. I was totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I went. After months of keeping my girl friends at a distance, it feels nice to have them back in my life. I forget how much I need them.

4. Take care of myself: B
“Supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest, but don’t hole up in bed all week.” I was kinda hit-and-miss again this week.. but at least I didn’t hole up in bed all week. At least I was trying!

This week’s goals:

1. Take care of myself
The usual: supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest.

2. Go for at least 3 walks
A simple goal.

3. New glasses 
My current pair of glasses are pretty beat up – the frames and lenses are all scratched up! Not to mention my prescription is outdated. So I have my new prescription and I’m pretty sure I know which frames I want.. I just need to order them.

4. New shoes
Even though I didn’t make it to the foot doctor last week, I’m fairly certain that my foot pain is due to wearing too-narrow shoes. I’m still planning to see a specialist, but I also need to get some new shoes this week because I feel like all of my shoes are making the problem worse.

5. New shorts
I only have one pair of shorts that I’ve had for like three years, and they’re orange.. so they don’t exactly go with my whole wardrobe. I want to pick up at least 2 pairs that will go with all the clothes that I already own.

(side note: it may seem laughable to call these  shopping goals “goals” since I’m getting new stuff out of them, but honestly, I hate shopping! These are things I have to force myself to do.)

6? New haircut?
I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while now; I just haven’t decided what I want. I figure I might as well start the ball rolling while I’m doing all these other makeover-esque things this week! I’m not gonna stress out about this one.. but at the very least, I want to be thinking about what I’d like.

3 thoughts on “Makeover Week 

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  2. So many goals!! I am really behind in reading your blog lately, and apologize for that. I haven’t really been on the internet much other than to do stuff for Justice Network.
    Anyway, that is great that you did all of these things and had good scores on your goals. So many goals that you have now! I bought new sneakers this week myself because the ones I’ve been wearing for many years finally got holes all throughout them and my mom said she could see my foot about to fall out of the soles. It was time. Enjoy your new shoes and glasses! My hair has been feeling blah lately too. I haven’t dyed it in three years (I used to dye it a lot before then). It costs so much money to get it done and I don’t feel like doing it myself lately. . but I might do it anyway. The natural honey, baking soda, conditioner mixture dye I tried didn’t work a few months ago. I need a little hair change and I don’t want to cut it, so I dye it (growing my hair to my knees if possible).


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