Currently (or: sci-fi, photoaday, and shopping)

I’m currently..

Josh and I just finished watching 10 Cloverfield Lane. It was properly scary and creepy! It wasn’t gratuitous, though. Except.. well, I guess I can’t actually comment on that part  because I throw my hands up in front of my face to block my vision every time I can *feel* something scary or gross coming up. So.. yeah now that I give it a second thought, there were a few moments that were too gory for me. BUT! The cinematography and acting were great.. And I liked the way it ended. Sci-fi is fun.

I’ve fallen a few days behind on the #blimeycowphotoaday challenge. Both in posting my photos for the prompts, and in creating the user spotlights on instagram. It takes more time than you might expect.. and it’s fun, but it’s just time-consuming and the slightest bit tedious.

..for new glasses, new walking shoes, and some new shorts. This has been an expensive week! I mentioned this on Monday, but I’ll say it again today: I hate shopping. I always put it off for as long as I can get away with it. My glasses have been pretty beat-up for a while now, and I can tell that my prescription isn’t right. Then, my feet have been aching a lot lately, so I went to a specialist today and got some new walking shoes & an insole with better arch support (crossing my fingers that they’ll take care of my foot pain!). And finally, I haven’t gone shorts shopping yet, but I’d like to cross that off the list sometime this week. I’m planning on hitting up Ross or TJ Maxx in the hopes that I can get a couple of good pairs for cheap.

Thankful for..
..pretty flowers, catching up with friends new and old, toddler hugs, shoes with arch support, mushroom hot cacao, lavender, Panera’s new Chinese Citrus Cashew Chicken salad (even thought it’s a tongue twister), and having a week off from Blimey Cow and getting to just hang out with my husband a lot this week because of it.

What are you currently watching, behind on, shopping, and/or thankful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Currently (or: sci-fi, photoaday, and shopping)

  1. Watching: Lately, it’s been a motley assortment. 🙂 Last night, I was re-watching a few episodes of season one of Jessica Jones. The night before that, I watched a couple of fascinating historical documentaries with my sister.

    Behind on: Housework and yard work. Last night, I did some hedge-clipping and tore down some Virginia creeper that had been trying to creep up my house, but I need to do some weeding and general clean-up. Maybe next week. I’m also behind on reading… I have a reading challenge I started in January that I’m only about halfway through. I’m reading a lot currently, but it’s all old favorites rather than new discoveries (which was the point of the challenge).

    Shopping: I’m also behind on this. I probably need some new shoes and shirts, but like you, I don’t like shopping! Especially clothes shopping. 🙂

    Thankful for: A sense of clarity in times of tough decisions.


  2. I got free glasses on and a few years ago. Now my doctor won’t give me my prescription so that I have to get glasses through them, which is mean in a way, but I get why they are doing it. I actually sometimes use my firmoo glasses INSTEAD of my most recent prescription expensive glasses just because they are more comfortable to wear.

    currently watching: Bubble Gum and Uncontrollably Fond (two Korean Dramas)

    Behind on: Justice Network’s newsletter. We don’t really have any new events other than one in October coming up so I am kinda at a standstill about what to type up for it, and I only have 6 days to do it (I usually work on it throughout a month and update it here and there before having it done a week before sending it out once a month).

    shopping: bought my new shoes, bought Rob new shoes (his were falling apart but not as badly as mine were, but I saw his socks through those shoes), bought Rob a new pair of pants because he keeps losing weight and I was tired of seeing how baggy the ones he wore looked on him. Going to buy Mint and Lemon oil because I ran out. Going to buy a prayer journal this week.

    thankful for: the rainstorm we had. We needed that rain. the water around here was getting low.


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