3 Junk Foods I Miss (and 3 “Healthier” Foods I Eat Instead)

According to Twitter, today is #NationalJunkFoodDay. As if America needs an excuse to eat more junk food! If I sound bitter, it’s because I am a little bit. Dairy, grains, fried foods, and sugar are all triggers for inflammation, so I kinda have to avoid them. It’s really not a big deal, and honestly it’s a huge motivator for me to take care of my body. Which is a good thing! Taking care of myself is definitely more worthwhile than the instant gratification I’d get from junk food. But that’s not to say that I don’t get bummed when I feel like I’m missing out. Especially when it comes to sweets! I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so having to avoid sugar is hard for me. Here are three sweets I still miss today, and the three healthier foods I eat instead when I get a craving:

I miss soda. Specifically, I miss Canada Dry ginger ale. That was always my favorite kind of soda. But HFCS triggers inflammation, so instead, I drink novelty kombucha (these are my favorite brands: GT’s and Bucha)

I miss oatmeal cream pies. Josh and I just had a debate about whether these are even tasty or not. He says they’re overly sweet, have a gross aftertaste, and they’re “heavy” which makes them gross to him. I say NOSTALGIA IS YUMMY! But also, he’s kinda right. Instead, I make almond butter fudge (with only half the honey suggested). Also, I haven’t tried these yet, but Sarah’s low-sugar Strawberry Oatmeal Cream Pies look AMAZING.

I miss milkshakes. Ice cream is yummy on it’s own, but add some milk to thin it up and it’s delicious. I don’t even understand how just adding milk makes the same flavors that much better! Unfortunately, dairy and sugar are my biggest enemies. Instead, I make a healthier frosty (I only use half the honey suggested).

What are your favorite junk food alternatives?


One thought on “3 Junk Foods I Miss (and 3 “Healthier” Foods I Eat Instead)

  1. Oh man I used to love oatmeal pies when I was a pre-teen but haven’t had one since.

    I however make Whoopie Pies every Autumn. I love them. They are so addicting. It takes three days before we can eat them (they have a settling period). They will be gone in a day once we can eat them because I just gorge myself on them.

    I love brownies, cookies, milkshakes, ice cream, double doozies (two chocolate chip cookies with cream in between sorta like whoopie pies), and popcorn. . . .every night I want to eat popcorn.

    Not sure if there are healthier types of any of the sweets I just named though. haha. It is great you found alternatives!!


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