Friday Favorites: Links, Photos, and ~*~Mood~*~

Pretty much everything that came across my feeds this week was politics-related, and I’m not clicking on those links. I’m so sick of politics. I’m so sick of the fighting and the willful ignorance and the false dichotomy of the whole system.

So I’ve only got a few links to share today. Ironically, the first one is politics-related. Ha. But it’s not the election, so there!

Radiolab’s new spin-off show about the Supreme Court, called More Perfect, put out a super interesting episode about how the Supreme Court became the power it is today, and I can’t stop thinking about it. That episode is weirdly titled “Kittens Kick the Giggly Blue Robot All Summer.” You’ll see.


What Is a Constant Cycle of Violent News Doing to Us? “The constant stream of news on social media can also be traumatic. […] exposure to violent imagery on social media can cause symptoms that are similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.”

With that in mind, here are 15 Little Things to Do to Feel Centered Again. “These are the things that bring me back again, the things that restore a sense of calm, the things that remind me of what is good, of what is true, of what truly matters when things start to feel out of control.”

And finally, here are some gorgeous photos I found this week on Unsplash. Just think of this as my virtual mood board for the week.


One thought on “Friday Favorites: Links, Photos, and ~*~Mood~*~

  1. I love these photos.
    I had a rough week because of all the pain inflicted everywhere and tend to tweet my heart on my sleeve type of things. I have a few people who ONLY post about the presidential stuff. . .and I always just scroll by and roll my eyes (and they have opposing views while I’m all. . .I don’t care. . .next!)

    I recently also read a post about how the exposure to all those things can give PTSD to people who view them. I can see how that can happen!!!

    Love the 15 things list! Nice! Thanks.


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