Could’ve But Didn’t

No new skills to blog about today, really. Some weeks I’m better at planning than others…

We shot two Messy Mondays videos today. Jordan is doing the initial edit in the next room, and the clips sound really funny. I got to play Super Famous Person for one of the videos, and that’s always a good time (even though it gets freaking HOT in that red coat!)

I made a delicious dinner tonight that I guess I could’ve blogged about, but I didn’t take any pictures and there’s not really a “recipe” to share anyway. It was just baked salmon with a fresh salad and turmeric rice pilaf. It was delicious!

Man, I’m really tired! I should have blogged earlier today. I don’t have the mental energy to make this post any good, haha. I’m probably going to go to bed right after publishing. Usually I would wait til the guys were done with the video and Jordan is gone, but I don’t have any problem being a rude hostess tonight, haha.

Guess I’ll see y’all tomorrow! Goodnight.

P.S. I searched Pixabay for a public domaine image of a person yawning for this post, but A) there were only yawning animals available (???) and B) I kept yawning as I was looking through them, haha. I guess yawns are even contagious across species! I settled for this cute dachshund and honestly I’m pretty happy with my decision.. that lil guy is PRESH.


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