Revisiting a To-Do List for 27: 6 Months In

Right before my birthday in February, I wrote a do list of 27 things I want to focus on during my 27th year. It’s been six months, so I figure.. why not revisit that list and see how my goals are progressing?

1. Drink more water: A

2. Exercise (just. do something.): A+
When I wrote this list, I literally wasn’t doing any kind of exercise at all, ever. Since then, I’ve learned that I enjoy yoga. Yoga to the rescue! I’ve also been walking for exercise a little, which is something I’ve never enjoyed.. and even thought I don’t love it now either, at least I’m sticking with it and finding some value in it.

3. Take care of my skin: B
I haven’t found skincare products that I love yet, but I admit that I haven’t made it much of a priority. My diet now is really skin-friendly though, and I’ve started dry brushing, so I’ve definitely taken steps to improve. Just gotta find the right cleansing/moisturizing routine.

4. Practice creativity every day: C

5. Get better sleep: A

6. Learn from those with different points of view: A-
I’ve made a concerted effort this year to follow people online who have different life experiences than me, and I really enjoy seeing their perspectives. I don’t always agree, but I can at least understand where most people are coming from.. and I think that’s valuable.

7. Make new friends: A
In the last few months, I’ve made a long-time acquaintance into a new friend (Shoutout to Allison!) who’s really been a great support for me – I truly believe it was divine timing, because she had walked through some tough situations similar to what I was going through when we first started getting to know each other. She has been a great friend to me. I’m really looking forward to that friendship growing as we get to know each other more! 🙂 I’ve also met some girls online who I click with pretty well and I’ve developed a kind of camaraderie with during the last 6-7 months. It’s been fun!

8. Be a better friend to the ones I have: B-
To be completely honest, I’ve only just started making this a priority. There was a while there when I didn’t have the energy to focus on anyone beyond my family. I’m coming out of that fog now, though, and trying to be a better friend to the friends that I care so much about.. just gotta let them know that I do.

9. Spend more time with my mom: A-
Making new memories with mom has been a priority, but I haven’t seen her every week, which is kinda what I had in mind when I wrote this.

10. Practice Grace: A

11. Make more healthy, homemade meals: A

12. Engage more with my followers: D
I know I haven’t been great about replying to blog comments… I’ve been a little better on twitter & instagram, but blog comments, direct messages, and Facebook interactions kinda fall between the cracks. I’m sorry about that!

13. Take more pictures: C

14. Write more letters: F

15. Give more kisses (but only for Josh, Lulu, and my baby friends😉: A
I wrote this before we ever had any issues with Lulu.. it makes me sad to remember that I could cuddle with her and and give her “kisses” without fear. I miss her a lot.

16. Resist the urge to self-isolate when I’m sad: D
I’m trying really hard right now not to fall into the trap of keeping friends at arms length. It’s my go-to move when I’ve got a lot going on. But I don’t like that.

17. Pray more: B

18. Criticize less: A-

19. Encourage more: A

20. Spend less money: C
In general, I haven’t been overspending or anything, but I’ve also not been, like, actively looking for ways to save money. Also, we both needed new glasses, I needed new shoes and shorts.. so this week has been expensive : /

21. Give more money: D
I’m ashamed to say that I just haven’t made this a priority at all.

22. Make (and keep) appointments: A

23. Spend less time mindlessly scrolling on my phone: F

24. Admit when I’m wrong: B

25. Make more time for date nights: F
Josh and I used to make sure we went on a date at least once a week, but these days we’re not as intentional about it. I mean, we both work from home so we spend about 90% of our time together, so I think maybe we forget to make *dating* a priority. I miss date nights!

26. Learn to tell stories better: F
I’m so bad at storytelling, y’all. I’m not really sure how to get better! Any tips?

27. Stop comparing myself to others’ internet personas: B
I honestly feel like I’ve gotten better about this in the last six months. It’s something to always keep in mind, though.

Okay, so my grades are all over the place! I think it’s good to see where I’ve maybe not made enough of an effort to improve.. and it’s also good to see the areas in which I’m doing well. Overall, I’m encouraged! And motivated to keep it up.

My 27th year has been a tough one so far, but I’ve survived. And I’ve managed to work on myself through those rough months. I have hope for the next six months!

2 thoughts on “Revisiting a To-Do List for 27: 6 Months In

  1. I have always really liked how you set your goals and I am going to start setting more intentional goals for myself. About your skincare…I use Pure Haven Essentials and I really like it. The company uses all natural ingredients in there products and the cleanser is gentle but gets the job done. (Granted I developed cystic acne so I have to use stronger products as well, but the cleanser and moisturizer don’t make me break out like others have).


  2. tell stories by using descriptions! Think of your favorite stories. You remember the descriptions and how well they paint images in your mind. You have to do that to others. Unfortunately I am overly descriptive so perhaps I am not the best one to help you there.

    I think you comment back as well as you can. I am a big commenter to people I follow on instagram and on blogs (you don’t follow me there though, but you have responded a couple times to me when I comment to you and a few times on twitter too which is so nice. Thanks for that).

    I think that you have mainly good scores so far on this list! A few things that could be fixed, but for the most part, you’re fine!!

    As for letter writing. . .I am a letter writer. What I suggest is that you put the letters you receive in a spot and once a week respond to one of them. I used to have a load of penpals at once and would write to three of them a week, but now I am left with one penpal who has written to me for over 13 years now. Once in a while I’ll get a letter from a friend that I wouldn’t think would write me and I get so excited about it because they know it is like a love language to me to write hand written notes. So yeah, just make it like an appointment. “I will write ____ on Tuesday, the 26th” type of thing. Then sit down for 30 minutes to do it. It is probably one of the only things I am good at doing without fail haha. Been a letter writer since I was 10 and have had over 100 penpals throughout all these years, so it becomes second hand now.


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