Body & Mind

Last week’s goals:

1. Take care of myself: B
The usual: supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest. – I did pretty good, but only did yoga once. I’ve been struggling to get back into the groove, for some reason.

2. Go for at least 3 walks: A
I did it.

3. New glasses: A
I went for something a little different than the thick black frames I’ve had since high school. I’m excited!

4. New shoes: A
I got shoes that are actually wide enough for my feet and insoles that give my high arches more support. I’m still in the trial period, and I think the insoles are slightly off so I’m gonna go back sometime this week, but I can already tell a big difference in the way my feet feel at the end of the night. Yay.

5. New shorts: A
WHY ARE SHORTS SO HARD TO FIND? I finally found two pair of jean shorts yesterday that will work. But I felt like I didn’t have many options – they were the only two I found that fit my body. Oh well, it’s fine. At least I don’t have to wear jeans for the rest of the summer.

6? New haircut?
I never decided on a style, so this will stay on the backburner til I can make up my mind between getting another pixie or keeping my length but polishing it up with a better shape.

This week’s goals:

1. Take care of myself
The usual: supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest.

2. Morning Yoga
I know from experience that when I start the day with yoga & meditation, the rest of my day goes much better than if I don’t. Plus, if my goal is to do yoga first thing, it’s less likely that I’ll get to the end of the day and decide to skip it.

3. Try Insanity with Josh
Josh is starting a new workout program this week, and he talked me into trying it with him. There’s a very real possibility that it may end up being too intense for me (even with my plan to do the less intense versions of everything), BUT I’m gonna try it out and give it 100% for at least a week. We did our first max-out video today and DANG, was it was intense! As you can see from these before/after pics, Josh lost his shirt and I lost my ability to stand:

4. Tend to my mind 
There is a lot of scary/sad stuff going on in the world, and there’s also a lot of sad/scary stuff going on in my personal life. I feel like the last few months I’ve been cycling between “too overwhelmed to function” and “functioning, but on the edge.” I want to make my mental health a priority from now on, so this week I plan to try out a few new strategies that will help me be proactive about it.

4 thoughts on “Body & Mind

  1. I feel you on the frequent, scary stuff happening around the world. What I tell myself is there’s probably not more bad stuff happening in the world than at any other time in history, we just are too informed on social media. This stuff affects my mental health too. I’ve decided less times checking Facebook/social media will help. I know horrible things are happening and do not need a reminder every time I use the internet!
    Also I love Insanity but it is INTENSE. Others I like are Sean T’s T25 (less intense version of insanity for only 25mins), Ruthless (20min workouts, you can pick it up at Wal-mart), p90x3, and (free online workouts that are great and have wide selection!). Good luck with Insanity! My advice would be do as much as you can but take a break when you need too. Don’t feel bad about having to stop for a few seconds, everyone has to until they have done it a few times. As Sean T says “Don’t compromise your form”. 🙂


  2. I have felt the same way mentally lately.
    Those before and after pictures. I am glad you two are working out together. That’s great.
    I have high arches in my feet too. I get a lot of charlie horses because of it.
    My only pair of shorts are jeans I cut up a year ago. I hate shorts anyway though so I never really wear them as it is. I’ve always had a hard time finding shorts that fit me right since I was in junior high.
    you did so well this week on your goals!!! You can get back into that yoga! Do it!!!! 🙂


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