Currently (90’s TV, new clothes, Insanity, etc)

Currently, I’m…

Watching.. I got home from meeting a friend for coffee today and Josh was watching season 5 of Boy Meets World. It’s always fun watching this show, even though we’ve seen most of these episodes a thousand times.

Wearing..  I just realized.. everything I’m wearing today is new! Last week, I got new shorts, a couple new t-shirts, new shoes and new glasses. Those last two have increased my quality of life substantially, haha. For a long time, I’ve needed shoes that actually fit my feet and provide support to these high arches, so last week I found some that work
for me. They feel really good! I’ve also been needing a new pair of glasses for a long time. My prescription was way out of date, and my lenses were scratched. I took the opportunity to change up my style, since I’ve been wearing the same thick black frames since high school. I went with a slightly different look this time! What do you guys think?



Listening.. to the new Relient K album! Have you guys heard Air for Free yet?! Oh my goodness, it’s SO GOOD! It’s already one of my favorite of their albums. If you just want to listen to a track or two, I recommend “Air for Free,” “God,” and “Flower,” and…. just the entire album. It’s all great. 😛

Sweating.. Josh has started a new daily DVD work out called Insanity: Max 30, and it is really intense. But! The various work outs all have modifiers for beginners (like me), so… I’ve been doing it with him! Today is day 3, and Josh and I both are so sore, haha. It’s exhausting but at the same time, it feels really good. Hoping to stick with it!

Thankful for.. the cooling rain, full-fat coconut milk, supportive insoles, that “new clothes” feeling, friends who encourage me to do hard things, my supportive husband, and the timely reminder I received this week that no matter how scary life is, “everything is as it should be.”

What are you currently watching, wearing, listening, sweating, and/or thankful for?

4 thoughts on “Currently (90’s TV, new clothes, Insanity, etc)

  1. The glasses look great! Also, yes. Insanity is hard! And so is HIIT. Have you ever tried that? I’ve heard it’s a tad easier than Insanity. I’m gonna go listen to those songs now. ☕️🎉💃🏽✌🏼️


  2. watching:

    Lots of Anime, currently it consist primarily of Fairy Tail, mostly it’s good, but has some slightly inappropriate content, mostly that consist of well you didn’t really need to go there over the top humor. Still, despite that, it’s got some wonderful messages about friendship, loyalty, that strength is found in community, and never giving in and never giving up, it’s about three hundred episodes long though, so it’s taking awhile. An extensive cast of well thought out characters, most of which are quite endearing in one way or another. It’s messy, it’s ridiculous, and I love (almost, see above notes) every minute of it. I’d rate it at about PG-13 level.

    Just started Attack on Titan, but it’s kind of disturbing, well deserving of it’s MA rating on Netflix, still it has a complexity in regard to theories of war. Not sure if I’ll stick with it or not. Anime that deals with these topics tend to have a complex morality and one episode’s enemy may be the next one’s friend, I love stories that deal with the complexity of interpersonal relationships instead of cut out on one side or the other characters.

    Also watching a Chinese Drama called The Legend of Qin, almost done with that. It’s well done but if the story-line follows what it appears to be on the road to it’s going to have a sad ending. It has some difficult to watch scenes as well as war sequences, probably closer to an R or MA rating due to that. (It’s unrated I think, so that’s where I would place it.) The emperor of the particular dynasty portrayed is known for his cruel ways is part of it. It’s got some lovely aspects as well, exploring topics similar to the two anime mentioned.

    I’m kind of searching for other things to watch as well.


    It might seem silly but I’ve actually started wearing shorts, for years it was pretty much strictly jeans it’s such a small thing, but for me it feels like a big step. Actually managed to wear them out of the house, which is also a big step in its own way.


    Mostly variations on the Fairy Tail theme song, also whatever is on Pandora or Spotify while I cook dinner.


    Haven’t really other than from the heat. I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t actually done anything yet. I really, really, should though.

    thankful for:

    Thankful for? Not entirely sure. I am thankful that we live in an incredibly diverse world full of beautiful people, sometimes it’s a bit easy to get lost in seeing the ugliness that I forget just how beautiful the world really is. I’m thankful for my new bookshelves as well, I finally am able to move my many piles of books to somewhere they actually belong, also should allow me to pick up my room. It’s like playing a game like tetris or something, you move one item and the whole thing needs to be rearranged! Thankful that I’m feeling a little happier than I have the last few months. I am also thankful that anime has helped me to feel emotions again, I’m not sure exactly what it is about them, but I feel more in touch with my emotions as I watch the stories. (I think stories give me a safe space to explore new ideas and feelings.) I’m surprised how many people have said something along the lines of this about anime.

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