A Chill Day

Today has been a wonderfully chill day, after a string of really busy days. I slept in, stayed in my pajamas all day, and generally just bummed around. I love days like this! You’d think that I’d have more time to spend on this blog post since I had nothing going on, but I totally procrastinated and almost forgot to post at all, whoops! So congratulations, y’all get this half-hearted itinerary of my lazy day.

1. We started watching Stranger Things on Netflix because everyone has been talking it up so much.. gotta say, the hype is well-earned. This show is pretty creepy, but it’s SO interesting! Great characters, great actors, compelling storyline.. I’m hooked. (We’re only two episodes in, so no spoilers, please.)

2. I did Insanity Max:30 with Josh. It was really tough because my legs are so sore and my whole body is KILLING ME after four days of this madness. (Insanity is such an appropriate name for this workout program) But I’m doing it! I’m doing a modified version of it, and I haven’t been able to finish the entire thirty minutes (even with breaks), but I’m working hard and I feel proud of myself.

3. Burgers for dinner! We’ve both noticed a significant increase in our appetite this week.. obviously, Insanity has a lot to do with that. Our normal diet is mostly made up of salads, eggs, fruit, and smoothies but we’re trying to incorporate more protein so our bodies are better fueled. Tonight, we cooked up some grass-fed burger patties to eat with our salads and they were DELICIOUS. I realized during dinner that I barely even miss bread anymore, so that’s a win.

See y’all tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “A Chill Day

  1. Sounds like a well needed day! 🙂

    After hearing the pandora premieres intro for “Air for Free” so many times I will never be able to see or hear anyone say “bummed” or “Bumming” without hearing I”M BUMMMMMINGGG hahaI”
    thanks for sharing that link last week totally was the best thing I listened to for days and then I bought the album so it continues.


  2. I have heard about Stranger Things but lately I have had little time at home to watch even my lovely Korean Drama. Sooooon.

    This insanity work out is something that I should try if I push myself to try at all. I have a camp friend of mine who has done it for year and she looks amazing. I never thought I’d see her being a workout junkie or being as healthy as she is, especially after having two kids too. I am impressed when I see people doing this stuff while I sit here growing in my thighs and hips.


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