Friday Favorites: Floral Portraits, Internet Fame, Star Wars

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This has been another week in which politics flooded my feeds, so I haven’t been spending as much time on the internet.. and therefore haven’t been keeping much of an eye out for links to share with you guys. However, I did come across a few cool things; here they are:

Adler has done it again with Internet Famous. And my “it,” I mean made me laugh and also think about internet culture. This song has been popping into my head all week.. so catchy!

There’s a new “Star Wars” theory about Rey’s family, and it’s the most intense one yet. Whoever Rey’s family ends up being or not being is fine with me because I trust the filmmakers, but I am super intrigued by this theory!

I’m not a fan of Instagram’s recent algorithm changes, but I thought this was pretty interesting and definitely will be useful for those with big accounts: Instagram is letting users filter words out of post comments.

These floral portraits are so dreamy! I’ve actually been following @sistergoldenshop on Instagram for about a year, but I wanted to share them today because I just love them so much. They sold a gorgeous Flower Faces calendar last year, but I missed out so I’m crossing my fingers for a 2017 calendar! You can buy prints in their shop, too.







Happy weekend, friends. See y’all tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Floral Portraits, Internet Fame, Star Wars

  1. P.S. I just showed my husband the Palpatine theory. He has a new theory. He thinks that she is a child of the Organas, but was born later on and so when her parents went back home. . .well we know what happened to their planet. It is interesting…haha. All the crazy theories that may all be wrong!


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