15 Small Ways to Love Your Sweetheart (Little Gestures That Go A Long Way)

Today I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to assume that our significant others know that we love them. Josh and I have been together for eight years – it’s easy to get caught up in the routines of life and take each other for granted sometimes! But I think it’s important to express our love to each other, and often. Everyone likes being reminded that they’re loved! It doesn’t even have to take much time or energy – little gestures go a long way. Here are 15 small ways to show our sweethearts how much they mean to us:

1. Hold hands during “normal” activities (like grocery shopping, driving, watching TV, etc).

2. Make an effort to learn about something they’re interested in. You don’t have to shape your interests to match theirs, just learn enough about their “thing” that you can have an intelligent conversation with them about it.

3. Say “thank you” for everyday things.

4. Hide love notes for your loved one to find: in the fridge, tucked into their favorite coffee cup, inside their closed laptop, on the steering wheel – anywhere they’ll come across it while they’re going about their normal routine.

5. Clean up a mess they left behind, or do their least favorite chore without bringing it to their attention.

6. Buy a candle of their favorite scent so the house feels cozier for them.

7. Share a hobby: play board games, make videos, learn to paint, go hiking, bowling, cook together, exercise, play Pokemon Go, etc.

8. Say “I love you” for no particular reason (those words aren’t only for when you’re being romantic or saying goodbye/goodnight!).

9. Touch your sweetheart casually throughout the day – each time you walk by, rub their back or give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

10. Ask questions that don’t come up in daily conversations – things you maybe haven’t talked about in a long time. “Who is someone you admire and why? What is something you love doing that you haven’t gotten to in a while? When was the last time you felt sad and why? What do I do that makes you feel loved? What do you think about ____?” You could also ask each other those 36 questions that can supposedly make people fall in love.

11. Check in when you’re at the grocery store to see if your significant other needs anything that isn’t on your list. Surprise them with their favorite treat in addition to whatever they asked for.

12. Ask if they want a snack when you’re making one for yourself (if you know they’ll want one, just surprise them with it).

13. When you need to apologize, do so without qualifiers.

14. Make a list of your favorite things about them – big and small – and give it to them when they’re having a rough day.

15. Learn your partner’s Love Language and/or Meyers-Briggs personality type. Read about what makes them feel most loved, and be more intentional to do those things.

What are your favorite little gestures that go a long way?


4 thoughts on “15 Small Ways to Love Your Sweetheart (Little Gestures That Go A Long Way)

  1. Wonderful post! Definitely saving this and putting it into practice this week.
    I like to send my Josh an encouraging text message when I know he’s busy at work – just a quick “I’m so proud of you” can make a big difference. The kids and I will also sometimes make a sign that says “Welcome Home – We’ve missed you!” and we’ll attach it to the front door so he sees it when he gets home.


  2. I love that you included the different ways to love based on the love languages. What is your MBTI type? I’m curious!


  3. I so agree with this list!

    My husband left me a note in my car one night so that when I was going off to Justice Network, I’d see it. I cried and smiled the whole time because written notes are so my thing. He folded it like we used to in high school when we passed notes to each other throughout the day. He even looked on youtube to see how to do one of the folds he never tried. haha.

    I like when he brushes my hair for me or decides to do the dishes randomly (I always do them, but maybe once every couple months he’ll do it on his own if he sees I’m having a rough day).

    We always kiss and hug each other tightly before we leave home away from one another (not just little pecks but not full on sensual ones to turn us on either, and our kids aren’t grossed out and love that we do this). We always say, “I love you” when we go to hang up the phone.

    I like to hold his hand while he drives his stick shift car. We have done that since high school. He will have my fingers with his and moves it with mainly his thumb and wrist normally too.

    He is a clothes-on-the-floor thrower and always has been. . .so some days I ask him to fold and put them away or put them in the laundry and other days I do it myself quietly without making any faces or getting annoyed, but happily.

    I like when he holds me as we fall asleep.

    I write SHMILY on things sometimes “See How Much I Love You” is what it stands for. We got it from a James Dobson couples devotional we read in our second year of marriage.

    I like when he holds me while I cook dinner.

    I give him alone time when he comes home after we eat so he can unwind a little from the stress. . . oh, I cook for him every night because he loves to smell the food as he walks in the home.

    Sometimes I have to just sit and listen to him talk about nerdy things like crypto currency, computer coding, a book series or movie he geeks on about, or even things he is figuring out in his alone time in reading the Bible for a full two hours. . .he just likes that I am paying attention to what he has to say and his interests. Then I can say things and we’ll end up discussing things for a few hours! LIkewise he takes interest in my chatting.

    He never complains when I ask him to stop at the store on his way home from work because I forgot to buy milk or toilet paper at the store. . he just does it. I don’t do it a lot, but he definitely does it a dozen times a year, mainly in the winter.

    Going for walks together while holding hands is fun.

    he loves when I scratch his back and the top of his head.

    Oh man there are so many things that just keeps us happy together for these 16 years come on Oct. 5th.


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