Keeping My Head Above Water

Last week’s goals:

1. Take care of myself: A
The usual: supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest. I got sick over the weekend, but it isn’t because I skimped out on taking care of myself.

2. Morning Yoga: B
I like starting my day with yoga, but it’s not always what I want to do first thing in the morning. I skipped it 3 times, but I was also not feeling well those three days, so I’m giving myself some slack.

3. Try Insanity with Josh: A
I did Monday-Thursday with Josh and it was INTENSE. I know I keep using that word to describe these workouts, but they truly are. I plan to keep up with these because they make me feel strong, but I’m also giving myself permission to bow out if they get to be too much.

4. Tend to my mind: A
Last week, I alluded to some strategies I’m using to make my mental health a priority.. those are going well and I plan to keep them up & see how they serve me over an extended period.

This week’s goals:

1. Take care of myself
The usual: supplements, healing foods, go outside, do yoga, stay on top of daily chores, get enough rest. I’m gonna add “don’t stress out too much” because that would be very easy to do this week.

2. Don’t get sick
I know I don’t have much control over this, but I’m going to take proactive steps like drink ACV and take extra supplements with the hopes they’ll keep my immune system in line. My throat is still a little scratchy today, and I’m still feeling achey, but it’s better than it was yesterday. Here’s hoping that’s the beginning of a trend!

3. Clean the whole house before Blimey Con
I want the house to be in tip-top shape for our guests! I’m trying not to care too much about it, because I know that they’re all great people who won’t judge me for a less-than-perfect house. But I do feel a little stressed about all we’ve gotta do.

4. Survive
Really, this week’s main goal is to just keep my head above water.. do everything we need to without getting sick or going crazy. (Please pray for my energy & health this week!) Cleaning isn’t all we have to do..  we’re also shooting six videos, my brother is graduating college (so I’ll have family in town), I have a stressful appointment tomorrow, plus all of our normal weekly duties, and OH YEAH we’ve got 50+ internet friends and supporters coming to visit for the weekend! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to meet all these people in person after getting to know them online, but I’m just a little nervous about getting everything ready, making sure people have a good time, not getting sick, etc.

Ultimately, I know that however it happens, that’ll be the way it’s supposed to happen. Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to rest in that knowledge instead of worrying.. The eternal struggle, am I right?

What are your best strategies for keeping your stress level down? I’m planning to diffuse bergamot & lavender oils throughout the week, journal, and do relaxing yoga sequences every day, but I’m really curious to hear your suggestions for DIY stress management.

9 thoughts on “Keeping My Head Above Water

  1. Hey Kelli! I’m one of the patrons coming up, and I just wanted to say thank you. You guys are so gracious to open up your home for 50+ people to hang out in and E njoy. I’m sure it’s stressful, and I am so sure everyone’s gonna have a fantastic time! I’ll def pray for your health especially with all the stuff you have going on!
    Thanks so much 🙂

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  2. Well I can’t promise how life will go, but I for one know I will have a good time, so that’s one less guest to be concerned about, right? 😉 You guys gave me a good excuse to visit a place I’ve always been curious to go and a whole bunch of fabulous friends to do it with. I can’t wait! Thanks for all you’re doing to help Josh make this coming weekend amazing ❤ praying your health and body treat you well!

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    • Haha, I’ve never been concerned that you wouldn’t have a good time! But I appreciate the reminder that it’s not about how clean the house is or isn’t.. it’s about the people we’ll all get to hang out with during the weekend. Thanks Sarah ❤


  3. I teach grade school kids, and while a lot of the things we use with them seem silly and cute, they are actually super valid and useful for adults, too! Like, with stress management, we have them do “hand on heart, fill your balloon.” They put one hand on their heart until they are still enough to feel it beat, then they put the other hand on their stomach and fill the “balloon in their tummy” with a deep breath. They love it, and I’ve tried it myself too. Helps slow us down! 🙂

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