3 Hairstyles I’m Considering

I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while, but I just can’t decide  what I want! I’ve been putting it off for literally months, but I want to get it done this month before our anniversary on the 29th, so I’ll have a nice new hairdo for all the pictures we’re gonna take on our anniversary trip 😉

1. The long bob. This is pretty similar to what I’ve already got, just polished up, evened out, and maybe some light balayage for dimension. My grown-out bangs aren’t quite the same length as the rest of my hair, so it’d be slightly different. But I’d like this because it’s low-maintanence and I already know it would work well with my hair type. And I think it’s really cute!

2. A chin-length bob. I love this look. I think it is adorable – I like that it’s simple, but interesting because of the subtle choppiness. The thing is, my hair isn’t this texture (it’s very fine and flat when it’s shorter).  I’m a no-maintenence kinda girl, so I know that I’m not likely to put product in my hair every day to get this look. But I am considering it.. that’s how much I like this cut.

3. A long, choppy pixie with bangs. I loved my hair when it was the length (and it was *almost* this shape). But this is another look that is better with texture, so I might not be able to just air-dry it the way I could with my current hair and the long bob.

Now, obviously, I’m gonna go with whatever I like the most, ultimately. But I’m curious what you guys think, so I made a poll 😛

Here is my current hairstyle (split ends and all) for reference:

11 thoughts on “3 Hairstyles I’m Considering

  1. I love all of the styles and I think you will fab no matter what you go with.
    I’m also a low/no maintenance girl, and I just started exploring the wild world of product this year. I have a chin length bob and have discovered that a little salt spray and gentle scrunching motion to my damp hair works well for texturizing when I’m feeling fancy. I use the cheap TRESemme ‘perfectly undone’ stuff, but lots of brands have similar things…OR there are some diys on Pinterest that look intriguing.
    Best wishes!

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  2. I think the first choice you listed would look really cute on your hair. Your hair looks beautiful already so the few touch ups and a little shorter would make it look really nice. I recently had my hair cut shorter and layered which made such a big difference, but then again I have really curly, frizzy hair. For me my hair cut helped with my split ends and helped tame my frizz. I hope that my vote will be helpful. Good luck!


  3. I love long bob or chin-length. I like the chin-length one best, actually, but I voted long bob ONLY because you said it’s flatter when shorter and might not keep that length. But I like both of those styles *almost* equally.


  4. Honestly, I think all of them look really good. My current haircut is pretty similar to #3 (choppy pixie), and I’ve actually found it’s not that difficult to maintain (of course, I’m also very minimal when it comes to hairstyling). I usually just blow-dry it for 5-10 minutes after I shower without any products or anything and it comes out okay. The nice thing about having it short is it doesn’t take super long to blow-dry like it did when I had long hair.

    But again, I think any of them would look awesome on you! Just thought I’d throw my two cents in there 🙂


  5. I think the 3rd one would look awesome on you, especially since you did a short hairstyle before. The chin length one would look cute, too.


  6. I’m a long hair lover in general so I choose “long bob” but I definitely think #2 wouldn’t work with your hair texture as you stated. The last one would work well for you though and would make you look like a cute LotR elf! But anyway, I voted long bob. I think it would look great on you.


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