Meeting the Patrons

If you’re seeing this blog post, it’s because I’ve been too busy enjoying the company of my Blimey Cow Patreon friends today to sit down and write up a proper blog post. It’s been a great weekend! About 65 people ended up coming over the weekend for the meet-up!

We got this big group photo of most of the patrons on Friday. I had no idea my living room could physically hold this many people. I was in disbelief. But I’m so glad they were all able to travel in and participate.. we’ve got an awesome community here!


[Adding this on Sunday night] I’m exhausted, but I want to add that I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for this lovely group of people. I experienced so much kindness and genuine care, and I felt a true connection with many of them. It felt more like reuniting with old friends than it did meeting a bunch of new ones! I think that’s pretty special.

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