Currently (or: more rest for me)

Currently, I’m..

..Smiling because this past weekend was so much fun! Our 1st Annual Blimey Cow Patreon Meet-up was a huge success. It was awesome getting to meet so many internet friends. Everyone was so down to earth and fun. We already miss them!

..Resting as much as possible. All the fun of the weekend came at the price of my health, unfortunately! I was feeling a little better yesterday, but I had fever dreams all last night and when I woke up around 2pm, I was feeling all-around lousy again. So, I’m taking a few more days off and hoping that a lot of rest will do me good.

..Feeling accomplished! I wrote last week that I was trying not to stress about the upcoming meet-up. Well, for the most part, I think I did a really good job. The weekend went off without a hitch, and I didn’t even have to stress myself out to make that happen! That’s a good reminder for me. I don’t need to constantly stress about new situations. And besides, I have a good support team. 🙂

..Watching a bunch of the Olympics coverage while I rest, and of course my go-to Netflix binger Murder, She Wrote! I also got Josh to watch Mad Max: Fury Road with me yesterday. After lots and lots of Angela Lansbury, Fury Road was quite the change of pace, haha. It’s a great action movie with more depth to it than most action movies have. Fury Road covers a lot of themes worth thinking and talking about.. I love this movie! I don’t like to watch many movies more than once, but I think this is one I’ll keep coming back to.

..Thankful for: our patrons, Netflix on rest days, husbands who go grocery shopping, how lovely this past weekend was, being ahead on Blimey Cow videos, rotisserie chickens, and the color palate of Fury Road.. so pretty!

What are you currently smiling about, resting from, feeling, watching, and/or thankful for?

5 thoughts on “Currently (or: more rest for me)

  1. Murder, She Wrote is one of my sister and I’s favorite shows…while its not super great quality, they are definitely a lot of fun! 🙂 And we’ve definitely been smiling about the meetup. It’s kind of frustrating because we so want to talk about it and share it with others, but we don’t have many friends who are familiar with BC, so we’re just met with some blank stares…Haha!

    Anyway, I really hope you feel better soon Kelli! I’ll be praying for quick healing and patience as you go through this! 😦 Thanks for staying so faithful to this blog–reading it is always one of the highlights of my day!


  2. I am so behind in your blog posts (and everyone’s and my own too).
    I really am glad you had so much fun with the patreons!! I saw your instagram pics of it. Yey! Is there a lot of immodesty in Fury Road? I used to watch the Mad Max movies as a little girl (yeah. . a little girl) and my husband wants to see the new one as do I, but we don’t watch movies that have little to no dressed people or have sexual stuff in it. I’m just curious so I know if I should bother or not.

    smiling about: my hair change
    resting from: I haven’t been sleeping as much lately, so I am resting in general right now on the internet.
    feeling: a little chilly. Our central air flow has been weird lately
    watching: the Olympics, of course
    Thankful for: handwriting


  3. Longtime Blimey Cow fan here, but I just discovered your blog a few days ago. Suffice it to say, I am really enjoying it!

    I am smiling about the sunny weather we are having after a day full of rain and scattered storms. I am resting from all the laundry I was behind on, but definitely feeling accomplished. I am thankful that today has been a nice combination of productive and restful. Although I wish it could be Friday, this Thursday has proven to be a blessing.

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  4. That’s great that your Patreon event went well! : )
    Smiling about the joy I feel when I talk to a native in Spanish, now that I’ve finally made progress in my learning. I’m thankful for native speakers who are willing to help me. I’m feeling tired from work and the stress of all things going on in my life right now. I’ve been watching lots of youtube and recently I’ve gotten into a Japanese drama on netflix called Good Morning Call. It’s cheesy and silly, but also adorable.


  5. I am glad that your Patreon event went well! I am Smiling about my first sold item on etsy, resting from a busy week last week, and thankful for all the blessings that God has given me recently. I am also feeling very motivated this week.


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