3 Olympic Sports

I’m still not feeling great today. I’ve been keeping a casual eye on the Olympics coverage from my bed as I recuperate. Growing up, my family would keep the TV on during the Olympics and record the overnight stuff on VHS tapes (yes!). This year, I’m not keeping the coverage up all day – I’m just checking in from time to time to see the highlights. Thanks, DVR! These are the three sports I’m enjoying watching the most this year:

1. Women’s Gymnastics because they’re so strong and graceful. I like getting to see glimpses of the gymnast’s personalities, too. I wish there was more coverage for the other teams, too.
2. Synchronized Diving because my mind can’t even comprehend how two athletes could synchronize such intricate movements so quickly.
3. Swimming because I was on a swim team for about six years, so I enjoy watching a sport in which I understand most of the rules, haha.

Which are your favorite Olympic sports to watch and why?

2 thoughts on “3 Olympic Sports

  1. Sweet! I wish I had recorded stuff in the past, but in a way I am glad I have youtube instead so I can rewatch my favorite moments whenever I want to without a VCR!

    It is hard for me to pick my favorites to watch, because I literally will watch every single Olympic sport!!!! I’ve always loved gymnastics, diving, and swimming as you said though. I think other than that I love watching the hurdles, the three mile run because it is scary that they can run that fast for that long, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, water polo, kayaking, cycling sprints, equestrian, field hockey, fencing, oh man. . . .just all of everything haha. Enjoy!


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