3 Reasons I Love “Murder, She Wrote”

Several months ago, I started watching the late 80’s/early 90’s TV show Murder, She Wrote on Netflix. Since then, I’ve become almost obsessive.. I play the episodes in the background as I blog and/or eat almost every day. The theme song is perpetually running through my mind when I’m not watching it. It’s not that I think this is primo television or anything.. I just love Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher. The mystery writer/amateur detective is sharp, sassy, kind-hearted, and a darn good sleuth. I think she’s fabulous!

Here’s why I love watching Murder, She Wrote:

1. It’s really cool to see an older woman protagonist on TV. 
I didn’t make this connection until a few weeks ago (when I was already 6 seasons in), but I think my obsession with Murder, She Wrote might come from a subconscious need to see an older woman thriving. My mom (who is 56) has a form of young-onset dementia and has been struggling with her cognitive abilities for three or four years. Watching a woman in her mid-60s who is active, articulate, and has super-deductive reasoning skills is… somehow comforting. I mean, it’s also infuriating that my mom doesn’t have the opportunity to be those things – you’d think that the idea of Jessica Fletcher would make me sad (and it kinda does). To tell you you truth, I don’t really understand the whole thing. I just know that it’s awesome to see an older woman be the star of a TV show without ever being looked down on or the butt of jokes because of her age. I wish there were more shows like that on TV now.

2. I’ve always enjoyed mysteries.
Even though Murder, She Wrote episodes are formulaic, it’s a nice break from the dark, twisted mystery shows of today. As much as I enjoy House and Stranger Things and even Sherlock, those shows rely pretty heavily on shock value – something my anxious mind hasn’t been too great dealing with lately. Sometimes I just want an easy whodunit to solve without being subjected to gruesome visuals.

3. 90’s Fashion is Hilarious.
I know that most fashion trends seem silly in hindsight (heck, many trends seem silly while they’re trendy!), but there’s something especially hilarious to me about the big, obnoxious, colorful style of the 90’s. As I watch Murder, She Wrote, it’s usually the supporting cast with the most amusing outfits and hairstyles, but Jessica Fletcher is not immune.

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