Friday Favorites: Beloved Books and Music, Reimagined

Happy weekend, friends! I’m still not feeling great.. it is getting a littler better, but I’m bummed. We’re leaving on Sunday for our anniversary vacation to Disney World – I really don’t want to be sick for this vacation we’ve been looking forward to for months! Please continue praying for me.

Interestingly, my favorite links this week are all centered around old favorites being looked at in a new way:

Remember when Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift’s “1989” in his own style? Well, the band Babetown has recorded Ryan Adams in the style of Taylor Swift – they’re releasing “1989 is Hell” next week and I can’t WAIT to hear it!

Next year, Netflix will have a new Anne of Green Gables series – as a huge fan of the original movies and the books, I’m nervous about this adaption! I’m not against adaptions or reimaginations of beloved stories as a rule, but it’s hard to imagine these characters as anyone besides the original actors.

As someone who grew up within the evangelical purity culture, I found this article pretty interesting: I Kissed Dating Goodbye author is maybe kind of sorry. I personally wasn’t harmed by the book (beyond some of my own self-imposed fear of messing up), but I have friends who were, and I definitely see how some of the ideas within the book (while not inherently evil) were harmful.

Copeland is doing a tour this fall with the intention of revisiting their old music in new ways.. I’m really excited about this! Here’s hoping for an album of the re-imagined old favorites after the tour! “With the help of Rae Cassidy (the featured vocalist on You Are My Sunshine) and live string section, we will dive into music from every era of Copeland, re-imagine old favorites, indulge our nostalgic tendencies, and explore new sounds as well.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Beloved Books and Music, Reimagined

  1. I’ve been following that I Kissed Dating Goodbye story… ugh, that book. I was definitely subjected to it at a young age and some of the teachings take a long, long time to undo.

    On another note, I’m sending you thoughts and prayers that you start feeling better ASAP. ❤


  2. When I found out about the new Anne of Green Gables, I sent the link to one of my closest friends who played Anne in a school play back in high school and told her, “I’m so nervous.” You pretty much just wrote my fears. I read EVERY one of those books (though honestly, I can only say I liked about 3 or 4 of them, definitely the last first and last ones being my favorites). I was obsessed with the Megan Follows show as a little girl, so much so that I was talking to myself in the mirror all the time as she did and used to pretend Anne and Diana were my best friends who slept over in cots next to my bed (pretend cots). We had great discussions. I will be seeing the new show, but I am so so so very nervous.

    I follow Joshua Harris’ youtube channel and he has talked here and there about his wanting to talk about things in regards to that book now that he is a parent of teens. I will say that as a teenager, I was forced to read the book (and threw it against the wall when my mom gave it to me because it was when she told me I could start dating IF I read that book first). . . .but honestly, my husband and I credit that book for us being together. It is because of reading it that I truly approached dating in a more mature way and built a great friendship with my husband for a nine months before we started dating. When I met him he asked me out and I refused because I wanted to date for marriage. He asked out another girl the next day. We think that if I said yes right away, we may not really be together since we didn’t really know one another well. I can see now why some of that book could be a problem for people though, but thankfully it was positive for me in the end. I can see how it could have damaged other relationships though. . .


    • I was obsessed with the Megan Follows show too, I always wished I had red hair because I wanted to be like Anne, haha. That is funny that you talked to yourself in the mirror like the character. I really hope the new show keeps the innocence of the books and the original series.

      I’m glad that IKDG was a positive in your life. I think that for me, it gave me some wise insights, but I also internalized a lot of guilt for even liking boys and then dating a couple of guys before Josh. But yeah.. I think it has a mixture of good and harmful ideas, and it depended on the person reading it and their family/culture dynamics how it affects each person. I admire him for reexamining the ideas within the book now that he has grown up and heard what kind of impact it had on some people.

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